Monday, 12 January 2009


In these times of severe economic hardship, with much worse to come, there are hundreds of thousands of people in our country who have to choose between eating or heating. Many of these people are our pensioners, amongst whom the death rate soars in cold weather.

What could we do if we had an extra £1.073 BILLION per week to put towards helping out our people in this difficult eat or heat situation? Where would we get this massive amount of extra money? That £1.073 billion PER WEEK is the cost of our membership of the European Union. I think I can leave you to work through your own logic calculations about our EU membership.

Let's take a look at the "heat" part of the calculation. How is the European Union helping us out with that? Well, it isn't ... and it's planning on making things a lot worse. Have a read (ripe language warning for the more sensitive amongst us):

All of these difficulties are, of course, exarcerbated by current (and upcoming) economic problems. What do Brown and Darling have in the pipeline for us? Have another read - and language warnings are pretty standard for that blog:

Coming soon, a la Weimar and Scumbage's Rhodesia: 1 billion pound /1 Australian dollar.

I wish I had better news to tell you. And here's a little something to throw into the Global Warming debate:

The owner of that blog is not a nationalist, but he does have a friendly inclination towards the British Nationalist Party.

And here's a final word (for this post) on the Global Warming debate. Anyone remember back to the 1970s when the great climate fear was a new Ice Age? The world has a history of 100,000 year ice ages interspersed with 12,000 year warm periods. The current warm period is well over 12,000 years old, so historically, we're due an ice age. What do you think an ice age is? Well, to give you a hint: if you are reading this from anywhere in Britain, then where you are sitting right now was under an ice layer at least a mile deep. Global warming Britain can survive - indeed, we'd be able to produce much more food if our climate was a few degrees warmer ... but an ice age will be the death of Britain and the rest of northern Europe, northern Russia, all of Canada and a big part of the U.S.A. Warming isn't a worry, cooling is. Read it all

Just being my usual cheerful little self. Sweet dreams.



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