Monday, 12 January 2009


Yes, although Prince Harry was joking and larking about in his PRIVATE home video he did make an offensive comment.

In his mock phone call to his Grandma the Queen he ended by saying "God save you".
In former years this would have meant the block for treason but even though in jest there was a hint of mockery at our national anthem.

I am a lukewarm royalist (I would be more supportive of the monarchy if the Queen refused to sign away our British rights to Europe),but this is not mockery of his grandma. It mocks the National Anthem which to me represents our country AND IT'S PEOPLE and thus should not be mocked while it is in use.
I would prefer "I Vow To Thee My Country" but as yet this is not our anthem and we should show respect to the existing one.
All the hoo ha has been about calling in a friendly way a person from Pakistan my "Paki friend", note the last word friend.

These people seem to go about being offended about so many things, English people are afraid to speak in case they are prosecuted.
They should stop being offended. We in our party are often been called offensive names but that seems OK. Only Afro Asians and "gays" must not be offended.

I would like to say WHAT OFFENDS ME--

These people who dislike our way of life are quick to take advantage of it by claiming houses, benefits and suing anyone who "offends" them under the anti British race laws
They are not offended enough to return to or remain in their own countries where they will be shielded from this "offending speech".

NOBODY ASKS WHAT OFFENDS US, well I'm getting sick of it.
What offends you?

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Anti-gag said...

Charles I would comment on this story, but I think you've said everything that need be said about it. The only thing left to say is, I agree 100%.

Chris Hill