Thursday, 8 January 2009


So Gordon Brown visits the North West at great cost to find out what concerns people of our region. He took questions from "a selected audience" and gave his usual anodyne answers to the planted questions.

Note the audience and thus the questions were "selected". Hardly an opportunity for him to meet real people and hear or answer their questions. He wouldn't dare.
He brought other cabinet ministers who fanned out over South Lancashire (the real original Lancashire) to see and talk to other selected people.

Studying a map of these visits reminded me of a Polo mint with a big hole in the middle.
Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Bury, Bolton and Leyland. The large central area which included Wigan and Leigh was left out, this in spite of Leigh being the constituency of Andy Burnham.

Why was this? Could it be because this central area has the safest Labour seats and they can be safely ignored? Or are we not "diverse" enough to warrant any encouragement?

We have become used to being ignored and our road system is among the worst in the country. A third of a million people seemingly do not count. However judging by their financial incompetence and inability to avoid disaster it will make no difference but it shows the low regard this area is shown by these "top people"

WE DESERVE BETTER! We were at the heart of Britains industrial revolution and wealth which our forefathers toiled and sometimes died to create.
It is up to us to upset this complacency and promote our policies which would breath new life into our area and this we are determined to do.

We believe in our area and its people because we are of it and them.
We will not use the people of this area as a milch cow to give us a cushy job followed by well paid "industrial consultancies" gained by not what you know but who.
We stand for and with the people, OUR PEOPLE! and will promote THEIR INTERESTS ABOVE ALL ELSE!


Anti-gag said...

This was simply electioneering paid for by the tax payer.

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

Interesting new photo of a wheel, I presume it's part of Wigan's industrial past?

I've been slightly critical of the presentation of this blog in the past, but the recent changes are most welcome and it's now starting to look a lot more presentable. As I'm sure Wigan has a wealth of such artefacts as this wheel and the steam engine that you featured before Christmas, a montage of such historical photos would make a nice attractive banner for the new style blog.

As always the stories here are spot on: local, short and to the point. Have you considered my suggestion of asking local Wigan members to do guest pieces for the blog? Wigan's meetings are always well attended I'm sure you'd get volunteers and probably some very good local articles as well.

Chris Hill