Wednesday, 7 January 2009


A disaster which is destroying our local communities is taking place by stealth aided and abetted by government legislation, namely the closure of many of our best loved pubs.
30 years ago all our villages had Labour clubs, working mens clubs, British Legions and many more pubs than they have now.

The Hare and Hounds pub pictured above is one of the latest casualties and there are another two former prosperous pubs in Billinge alone which are up for sale. Many all over Wigan are under threat.
Pubs are one of the institutions for which Britain is famous and which will soon cease to be part of our landscape which will be immeasurably poorer for their demise.

Local MPs weep crocodile tears over this loss but they are the cause of this.
High business taxes, rates and alcohol duty have all contributed but the final nail in the coffin has been the blanket ban on smoking in pubs, brought in on spurious health grounds.

If MPs were so concerned about the detrimental effects of smoking why is it that the only bar in the country in which smoking is allowed is in the House of Commons? Do you honestly think MPs care about our health more than they do their own? Smoking is also allowed in the European Parliament in Brussels.

As a retired doctor and ex smoker I am perfectly aware of the danger of smoking as I am aware of the dangers of some sports and alcohol in excess.
However I, as an Englishman believe in freedom so long as people know the risks of their actions.
There should be smoking pubs and non smoking pubs, but that would lead, as I have experienced to empty non smoking and full smoking pubs. I, given the choice would avoid the non smoking pubs if only to avoid the boring self righteous people in them.

The government knows this. It wants to destroy pubs and working mens clubs. Why? Because when working people meet over a pint they often voice politically incorrect opinions and could in some cases voice, Heaven forbid views similar to those of the BNP and that would never do would it?

Many political movements and unions had their birth in pubs and thus they are seen as a threat to the governing elite of Europe and its British poodle.
Meanwhile people can sit at home with their cheap lager and be brainwashed by the government controlled gogglebox. THEY will not start rocking the government's cosy boat.
Also the profits made from this cheap undrinkable crap will go to companies who fund the major parties.

So stop pretending to save our pubs, you hypocritical MPs.
You have destroyed them but THE BNPcan see through you!



Anti-gag said...

When this anti-smoking law was being proposed, it struck me that a requirement for clean air would be more effective. Pubs and clubs could then decide whether to become non-smoking or fit an air filtration system. The latter would also have the advantage of reducing airborne infections such as TB, but that's another issue.

The pub on my local estate here in Lancaster closed down about 2 years ago, I can't remember if it was around the time of the ban, but I'm sure it didn't help. Pubs are closing all over the country, and to see this traditional pub in Billinge (which I think is about half way between Wigan & St.Helens) close is really sad, but its just another example of the our culture being dismantled one small piece at a time.

The point about cheap supermarket larger (drunk at home) replacing a quite pint in the community pub, is also very relevant. Braking up the community in this way makes inflicting a foreign culture on us so much easier.

Chris Hill

St Helens, which is an area I know much better than Wigan, seems to have another two or three closed pubs each time I pass through it.

Anti-gag said...

Further to my last comment:

I also think extortionate beer prices play a part in the current decline of our local pubs.

While some good local pubs still do a nice pint of bitter for £1.60, many are now pushing the £2:50 mark. This 90p difference might not seem a lot to some, but even for a moderate drinker like myself (8-10 pints a week) it mounts up. Many working people simply can't afford to spend £25 a week in the pub. Lower prices would bring the social drinker back into our locals and promote a spirit of community at the same time.

Chris Hill.

bert said...

it's the errosion of traditions, thats what "health and safety"actually is for..
mass immigration to destroy nationional identity, health and safety to errode traditions...

Lanky Patriot said...

The pub featured in the picture had £100 per day rent and on top of that Business rates. It thus suits the pub companies to allow them to fold and sell their prime sites.
The council could help by reducing business rates and putting preservation orders or prohibiting change of use.
Greed and wilful destruction are the cause of pubs demise.
Free houses are often cheap with their beer and are better able to compete not having rent to pay and they can buy their drinks cheap at the supermarket, but even for them the smoking ban is hurting.

Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

Yes they are all good points you make. Free Houses do indeed have some advantage over chain own pubs, but the Free Houses also either have to pay rent or produce a dividend for the capital investment of the building.

The reduced rates idea is good, although it might be a little hard to get through council when the council tax on private homes is increasing at more than the rate of inflation.

Chris Hill

Lanky Patriot said...

Free houses are often owned by the proprieters and thus their beer is considerably cheaper than tenants can compete with. One I know is very successful and often buys spirits from the supermarkets when special offers are on.
Of course he pays business rates and is affected by the smoking ban but the ability to buy his beer and spirits cheaply gives him an advantage.
A better system would keep all the pubs viable.
Business rates on pubs could be cut if supermarket and banks rates were increased, after all it is they who are screwing us.
And then the whole financing and efficiency of the Town Halls needs looking at.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

Yes they are all good points that you make in your last comment.

Also the idea of not allowing a change of use would be very effective I think. But then again it wouldn't win the muslim vote would it?

Chris Hill