Saturday, 14 April 2012


Not renewing my British National Party membership this year was a very, very bitter pill to swallow.

I have since been in my own self induced political exile while I absorb just what unfolds around me and indeed what steps must be now be taken personally..........

I've left behind some very remarkable, intelligent and trusting friends that I would never ever have had the great fortune to meet otherwise..........! Remembering the early days of that dingy back room of a town centre pub in Wigan with a handful of patriots to the full house and standing room only venues in Leigh and the surrounding areas in such a short space of time that brought an immense sense of achievement, pride and political reward for those of us who actually cared wholeheartedly for our once beautiful towns, country and nation.

The Wigan and Leigh area amassed the highest number of votes cast for Nick Griffin in the European Elections than any other area within the north west, stood 12 candidates in one local election and put forward 3 successful candidates at the last general election and all securing our own £500 deposits with ease.

So, this brings me to declare that I'm actually full of admiration (albeit on sentimental reasons only and contrary to what others may think on the issue) for those individuals still in the local BNP and they who have rode the wave of the recent years through the continuing internal turmoil along with the inane political debacle and yet who are thus still putting themselves above the very fragile Griffin parapet to stand in the local elections on May 3rd. ( I did count only five candidates and not six?) And will therefore not criticise those for participating in these forthcoming elections; although I do criticise furiously those still at the helm of this rapidly imploding corrupt and rabidly dying political party!

And yet has local nationalism and patriotism become a spent force here in Leigh or indeed Wigan for that matter and beyond all repair and reconciliation...........?

Not at's growing even stronger....... believe me! It's just requiring a little nurturing!

To finish.........

Now, after much deliberation I have decided that I will stand in the local elections as an Independent candidate on May 3rd in the Leigh South ward (my own ward) so look out for my result! Additionally, our friend Chris (a past supporter, donor and activist) will also stand in the Leigh East ward as an Independent candidate! So, please if you have friends or family in these areas please let them know of our candidacy.



Silly Kuffar said...

"stood 12 candidates in one local election and put forward 3 successful candidates at the last general election and all securing our own £500 deposits with ease."

LP we had 19 candidates not 12.

Silly Kuffar said...

Sorry LLN I thought it was LP who had posted this.

Might be a good idea to put on leaflets the depth of Paedophilia within New Labour and hand them out in your town centre.

Good luck and best wishes for the Election, if I lived in Leigh I would vote for you.


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Of course it was 19 candidates SK...Sorry!

Lanky Patriot said...

Gary. Why don't you put a few articles on this blog and
put your beliefs and programme and otherwise use it to promote your candidancy.

Whatever best of luck in your campaign.