Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nick Griffin: For the Good of Nationalism, Step Down Now

Scandal upon scandal, nightmare upon nightmare, disgrace upon disgrace: there is seemingly no end to the depths and degradations to which nationalism is being dragged by Nick Griffin—and the time has come for him to step down for the good of the cause.

Scandal 1: Martin Reynolds

In 2006, the People newspaper revealed that Nick Griffin’s personal bodyguard, Martin Reynolds, is a “depraved swinger who enjoys squalid orgies.

“By day burly bodybuilder Martin Reynolds escorts Griffin, 46, who constantly preaches family values.

“By night Reynolds, 37, revels in debauched threesomes with his wife and another woman, as pictures obtained by the People show.

“The photos involving the married dad of three have caused a huge rift in the BNP.

“In one photograph Reynolds watches a tattooed and pierced dark-haired woman wearing a black-leather corset use a toy to perform a sex act on the other woman.

“Next the flabby pervert sits on a grotty brown sofa and stares down as a woman wearing a negligee is pleasured by both herself and the other woman.

“In another photo too obscene to publish he sprawls on the floor pleasuring himself and gawping as the two women romp. Finally he grabs hold of the dark-haired woman and poses for a photo as he involved [sic] in the group sex.”

The People article goes on to point out that Reynolds realised the damage this exposure would do to the party, and offered to stand down.

Griffin, however, refused to accept his resignation, and as a result, Reynolds is today paid out of EU funds.

“When the snaps first began circulating, shaven-headed Reynolds offered to stand down because he was concerned about damaging the party image,” the People continued.

“But boss Griffin refused to accept the sleazeball’s resignation.

“This has angered some BNP members. A senior source inside the party said: ‘We are supposed to be showing Britain that we support clean-living family life and are a genuine alternative to the big three parties.

‘Yet time after time things like this crop-up and completely ruin our credibility. It’s no wonder people are getting fed up with Griffin and divisions are splitting the party.’”

Scandal 2: Pat Harrington and the Sex Dungeon

In 2007, the Sunday Mail ran a full page expose of Harrington’s “dirty little secret”—the fact that his then-wife, Jacqueline Sharp, worked as a dominatrix in private sex dungeons in Edinburgh (“Bureau Worker Is Miss Whiplash”, Sunday Mail April 22, 2007).

According to the article, Harrington/Sharp “worked” from a “sleazy sex dungeon near the city’s Haymarket train station.

“On her website, Sharp poses in a black PVC police officer’s outfit and thigh-high boots while brandishing a leather whip and handcuffs.

“Another shot shows her in sleazy red and black underwear with long black gloves, boots…and a studded paddle for spanking.

“Other photos show her with an assortment of torture devices—including chains, handcuffs, and gags.

“Sharp describes herself as a ‘sexy, stunning, strict mistress’ and boasts she even has her own rack, wrist and ankle restrains [sic].

“Her jobless husband Patrick Harrington knows about his wife’s murky sideline,” the newspaper report continued.

Despite knowing all of this, Griffin still worked with Pat Harrington to head up the Solidarity trade union, and used the BNP to promote that union and Harrington.

Scandal 3: The Granny Porn Regional Organiser

When Griffin—at Harrington’s behest—started expelling all those who objected to the corruption and degeneracy at the heart of the BNP, one of the first “new” appointments was the regional organiser in Yorkshire, Ian Kitchen.

Griffin appointed Kitchen despite knowing full well that he and his wife, Linda, were “swingers” who had manufactured and distributed “granny porn.”

When BNP officials objected to the appointment and warned that this would be severely damaging to the BNP’s public image, Griffin dismissed the objections as “irrelevant” because the Kitchens were “consenting adults and no-one would care less.”

In fact, the media made a meal out of the granny porn fiasco, and Kitchen was forced to resign in the resultant storm.

Scandal 4: The “can travel” male escort who became the BNP’s London mayor candidate.

Griffin’s choice of Carlos Cortiglia to be the BNP’s London mayoral candidate was outrageous enough because of the Uruguayan-born foreigner’s (unsuccessful) attempt to volunteer to fight for Argentina against Britain during the Falklands War—but far worse lay in store.

It was recently revealed that Cortiglia, using the name “Kiska”, was a frenetic poster on the Internet Usenet and discussion groups where he advertised sexual services for singles and couples.

Some of Cortiglia’s messages illustrate the point:

“White male fit non smoker clean shaven openminded looking for adult fun with couples and/or females. I cannot accommodate but can travel. Discretion assured and expected” (posted in the newsgroup).

Although this had been brought to Griffin’s attention, the BNP leader chose to keep Cortiglia on and to promote him further.

Scandal 5: The Soho porn/date rape drug seller.

The revelations about Griffin’s latest appointment—London organiser Steve Squires—and alleged activities related to the ownership of a sleazy sex shop in Soho and the sale of the infamous and illegal “date rape” drug, will, if proven accurate, merely be the confirmation of a well-established trend in the BNP under Nick Griffin’s leadership.

There is a rancid trail of sexual deviancy which follows Nick Griffin like a shadow, and it is a spectre which he positively encourages and in which he revels.

In addition to the awful list (the above incidents are only the worst, there are many more) of sexual freaks which Griffin holds close to his bosom, the full-of-sexual-innuendo texts which he sent to his (former) internet-attack dog Claudia Dalgleish, are also indicative of a mindset which actively encourages this sort of behaviour.

What people do in their private lives is indeed their own business—but when a leader of a political party actively encourages and promotes such people (instead of expelling or distancing oneself from them, as any normal party leader would do), then you know that you are dealing with someone who has a severe psychological problem.

This behaviour has brought disgrace and demoralisation upon the entire nationalist movement, and has provided manna from heaven for critics of the party who can now justifiably point to the long list of freaks and madmen appointed, encouraged and protected by Nick Griffin, as evidence of the party’s inherent sickness.

This demoralisation and destruction of the party has had wider ramifications. The activist base has been almost entirely depleted, so that in former strongholds like Kirklees, there are no BNP candidates for the first time in 12 years.

As if that was not enough, the latest (and late) party accounts show that the true party debt was in excess of £800,000—despite Griffin lying through his teeth to the members during the leadership election that the claims of these debts were “lies” (remember the “Mythbusters” leaflet, which, under the heading “DEBTS—IN REALITY” said that “TOTAL AGREED CENTRAL PARTY PAYMENTS OWED—£52,000).”

Through a barrage of filth, deviancy, lies and deception, Nick Griffin has utterly destroyed the BNP—and the hard work, money, effort and sacrifice of thousands of activists for over a decade.

If he had stood down a while ago, as he had promised, Nick Griffin might well have gone down in nationalism as someone who laid the groundwork for the party’s ascendancy.

Instead, his name will now be cursed forever as the person who single-handedly destroyed the BNP and set back the cause of nationalism.

If he has any shred of decency left, hiding in the murkiness of his soul, he would step down now, for the good of the cause, and halt the callous betrayal of so many good people.

We could make massive inroads within Britains Political establishment, we could even have BNP MPs.

BUT ....

With Griffin still holding us back, the Nationalist community should look at who has destroyed the gains made by the BNP due to the Hard Graft,Time and Effort Activists put in to fight Elections and we were making progress, so why have we gone backwards to such an extent that the party now looks like the party did in the 90s.

If Griffin was a TRUE PATRIOT willing to save OUR COUNTRY then he wouldn't hesitate to step down as the Chairman and let those of us who are willing to do what needs to be done to save our country and people.

Griffin will still have his Euro seat and could become the Deputy Chairman able to advise and still have input to running the party, but not control of the party. I wonder what Simon Darby could do if he is replaced, go back to his day job working behind the scenes to bring the party down or does he have a job which we don't know about?

There are some very very good, hard working and intelligent Nationalists who could replace Nick and lead us to Victory.

BUT we need Nick Griffin to stand down as we don't have 20yrs left to play at politics, we were really making headway from the early years of this century up to 2010 when Nick crashed the party bus damaging the Activists Hard Graft. Some will never return to Nationalism but are still Nationalists, other Activists still within the party are disillusioned and reluctant to do anything to promote and push the party onwards as the last time they did Griffin came along and destroyed years and years of BNP Activists unpaid work.

Now they are scraping the bottom of the barrell just to get candidates to stand, they are so desperate that members who would never stand for election in the past now have to stand to make out that the BNP is carrying on as usual.

Fair enough, but those who are left within the BNP, those who would refuse to stand in the past are those that shouldn't stand for election now as they are unsuitable, which of course they know, and the reason for not putting themselves forward as candidates before, but they have been coerced, cajoled and bullied into standing just as paper candidates in all but two wards out of the six Wigan BNP are contesting, are putting a paper candidate up for Wigan BNPs most favourable ward.

Come on Wigan BNP, are you lot just playing at Nationalism ?

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Bertie_bert said...

It shows when the people DO STAND UP they have more power and win against the corrupt bankers and politicians of a country. Iceland is forgiving and erasing the mortgage debt of the population. They are putting the bankers and politicians on the “Bench of the Accused.” Which means I assume they are putting them on trial for corruption.

Now the rest of people of the world need to start doing the same thing. We all need to stand up and against all the corruption and fraud of the banks and politicians that are puppets of the banks and corporations.