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At the Fourth Feathers Youth Club, a run-down building near London’s Baker Street, the Islamic cleric Abu Qatada banged his stick on the wooden floor as he preached a hate-filled speech against the British people.

Sixty Muslim men and boys at the Friday lunchtime prayers listened to the inflammatory sermon of Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Britain, before praying in deep devotion to Allah.

But kneeling among them that day in April 2000 was an undercover spy, Reda Hassaine, working for the British Government. He had been monitoring Abu Qatada’s evil activities for six years – and his cover was about to be blown.

Hassaine had reported to Scotland Yard’s Special Branch and the homeland secret service, MI5, that Abu Qatada and his sidekick, the hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza, were inciting terror attacks in London.

He had seen both men collect thousands of pounds from their congregations to pay to send young British Muslims abroad to train as suicide bombers and then return here.

He had warned his secret service minders that the clerics wanted nothing short of a takeover of the West and its Christian way of life, using any kind of atrocity necessary.

But the Daily Mail can reveal that the secret agent’s vital information was ignored because of a little-known deal described as a ‘covenant of security’ forged between the security agencies and radical Islamists in the UK.

The unwritten, if cynical, pact allowed radical clerics to orchestrate and encourage Islamist attacks abroad. Their brainwashing of young home-grown Muslims here was tolerated by the secret services in the hope there would be no attacks on targets in Britain.

It is a bitter irony that the pact completely failed to halt the London bombings of 2005, while allowing Qatada, Hamza and other extremists like them to plot and proselytise for years while living in Britain with their families for free – their state benefits funded by taxpayers.

Today, the deal has cost Britain dear. Ministers are struggling to send Abu Qatada back to his home country of Jordan, to stand trial for a string of terrorist atrocities there.

And yesterday the family of Abu Hamza announced an appeal (which could take months) against a European Court of Human Rights ruling that he should be extradited to the U.S. on terror charges. If he is ever found guilty in America, he would be imprisoned for life.

As for MI5 undercover agent Reda Hassaine, he finds it astounding that such Islamist troublemakers remain on British soil. He blew the whistle on Qatada and Hamza more than a decade ago – paying a big personal price himself for doing so.

Minutes after observing prayers in the Fourth Feathers Club that day in 2000, Hassaine was beaten up by Qatada’s henchmen.
Hassaine recalled: ‘A sidekick of Qatada had learned I was a spy and pointed me out after the sermon that day. At that point, Qatada began to recite a special prayer of jihad, to encourage the killing of anyone who threatens Islam. I immediately sensed I was in trouble.

‘After the service, I walked quickly to the doorway and pulled on my shoes. As I did so, I felt a big kick in my face, another on my head. A group of Abu Qatada’s men punched and hit me. They booted my teeth into the back of my head. I managed to wriggle away and fled into the street. The first thing I did, through my bloodied mouth, was to ring my MI5 minder.’

It was the last time that Algerian-born Hassaine ever saw Abu Qatada in the flesh. Nor, because his cover had been blown, was he able to continue his undercover work watching Abu Hamza.

Worshippers at the Fourth Feathers club, which Qatada hired privately every Friday, and nearby Finsbury Park mosque, where Hamza preached, were well-acquainted and would have tipped each other off about what he was up to.

But, as Hassaine explained: ‘I had heard their speeches of hate tens of times in the mosques and their prayer meetings.

‘At the Fourth Feathers Club, I saw Qatada brainwash young Muslims, living in Britain from Africa, Somalia, Sudan, Morocco and my own country of Algeria, by urging them to kill Christians and Jews.

‘Qatada preached that if a Muslim became a suicide bomber, he would go to paradise and be able to make love to virgins.

‘He would tell audiences, “Today is the time for war against the West. Our duty is to destroy them before they destroy us and Islam”.

‘At the Finsbury Park mosque, I watched Hamza urge young worshippers to train for jihad (holy Islamic war against the West) and go to training camps in Afghanistan. There were even discussions at the mosque among his followers about how to launch chemical and biological attacks on Britain.’

Adds Hassaine: ‘I told my three secret service minders (who were called Stephen, Richard and Mark) everything I witnessed. They saw my reports, which I wrote up every night, and heard my warnings. But they did nothing. The West and Britain have suffered for that ever since.’

Hassaine’s revelations are particularly pertinent now. Seven weeks ago, Qatada was released from Long Lartin top security jail in Worcestershire, where he has spent the best part of a decade fighting extradition to his home country.

He was granted bail following a European Court of Human Rights ruling that he should not be deported to Jordan (where he has been convicted in his absence for planning terrorist attacks) because, it’s claimed, he would not receive a fair trial there.

He is now staying under 22-hours-a-day curfew in London, living with his wife and five children on state benefits. Up to 60 police will guard him round the clock at a cost of millions a year.

Home Secretary Theresa May recently travelled to Jordan to discuss ways the Government might overcome the European ruling and send him back there.

Hassaine is not surprised that Qatada was granted asylum in Britain. A former newspaper editor, a Muslim and an Arab speaker, he came to Britain in the 1990s. Accompanied by his baby son and wife, he was fleeing the Islamist uprisings in his own country of Algeria, where 70 journalists had been murdered.

In London, he was soon contacted by the Algerian and French secret services. They asked him to go undercover into the mosques and report on how Islamists were establishing a powerbase here and plotting against the ‘infidels’ of the West.

Hassaine also volunteered to work for Scotland Yard’s Special Branch, which in turn passed him on to MI5. He was then contracted – at a pitiful £380 a month plus expenses – to infiltrate Qatada and Hamza’s world, make friends with their aides and gain their trust.

Diaries, tapes, notes and reports that Hassaine collected while he conducted surveillance operations reveal the true nature of these men’s threat to Britain.

A recording of Qatada, made in 1999 and in the file, reveals him preaching that every Muslim child in Britain should spend four hours a day in the mosque being taught about the evil influences of life in a Christian country. Hassaine reported back to MI5 about the huge sums of money being collected in the mosques to finance trips by extremist young British Muslims to terrorist training camps.

He passed his findings to the MI5 minders during clandestine meetings at hotels, including the Holiday Inn in London’s Victoria, when a room was routinely booked under the name ‘Abbey’.

In 1999, Hassaine told his minders that Abu Qatada had made a speech to his followers advocating the killing of Jews and praising terrorist attacks in the West.

Although Qatada was eventually arrested in Britain over his suspected involvement in a plot by Islamists to bomb the Christmas market in Strasbourg, France, he was freed without charge.

It was only in 2002 that he was jailed in London after German police found tapes of his war-mongering sermons in a flat used by some of the 9/11 suicide bombers before the Twin Towers attack on New York.

In 2005 he was freed, but was re-arrested under anti-terror laws five months later. He has used every twist and turn of human rights laws to escape extradition to Jordan where he is wanted over terror atrocities and, of course, is now out from jail and living at the taxpayers’ expense.

Referring to the controversial ‘covenant of security’ that allowed radical clerics to continue to foment hatred against the West on condition they didn’t perpetrate terror attacks on British soil, Hassaine says: ‘I am sickened by how Britain has allowed him to live here.’

He continues: ‘I told MI5 and Scotland Yard time and again how Qatada and his followers laugh behind their backs. They hate Britain and want to turn this country into an Islamic state.’

Hamza, who came to the UK from Egypt as a student in the early 1980s, met and married an English woman from whom he was later divorced. The marriage gave him the right to British citizenship.

He showed his true colours by travelling to Afghanistan to wage a ‘jihad’ during the Soviet occupation, suffering injuries to his hands, which were blown off.

On his return he began preaching his radical sermons at Finsbury Park, stoking up discontent by praising Osama Bin Laden in the wake of the Twin Towers attacks.

He was finally arrested and is now serving seven years for soliciting to murder and inciting racial hatred.

He is also accused of helping his followers meet Taliban commanders in Afghanistan and is wanted in America in connection with the taking of 16 hostages in Yemen. After being jailed here, Hamza has been fighting extradition (with his legal bills paid for by the state) ever since.

So why, you might wonder, were Qatada and Hamza not hurled out of Britain years ago – using the evidence of undercover agent Hassaine?

Seven years ago, former MI5 chief Dame Stella Rimington was asked on television why the security services had not listened to Hassaine, whose name had emerged publicly in newspaper and television investigations into the radical mosques.

She said his information was ‘crucial’ in the war against terror, but never acted on to protect Hassaine himself from being killed as an undercover informant.

The spy has different views. ‘I always felt the British secret services didn’t realise the seriousness of what I was telling them. Sometimes, I felt like screaming at my minders, “Don’t you understand the risks these people pose?”

‘I heard them talking of how wonderful it would be to bomb the London Underground years before it happened seven years ago.

‘They talked about how to set off car bombs and ways to commit mass murder. They turned the heads of thousands of young Muslims who left their prayer and mosque meetings mesmerised and hating Britain.

‘But telling your security services was like talking to a brick wall.’

It was only much later, in the same year as the London bombing when Qatada made a failed appeal against detention under anti-terrorism laws, that Hassaine was taken seriously.

Information provided by MI5 was presented in the High Court to the judge, Mr Justice Collins. Qatada’s ‘kill the Jews’ speech – reported to the secret services by Hassaine – was mentioned. The judge said it was a good reason to dismiss Qatada’s appeal.

The preacher, said the judge, was ‘heavily involved and at the centre of terrorist activities in the UK associated with Al Qaeda. He is a truly dangerous individual’.

At last, Hassaine felt vindicated.

Today, he has few teeth left – a physical legacy of the day he was beaten up at the Fourth Feathers. After the attack, Hassaine never worked for the British secret services again. In recent years, he has resumed his journalist work, living in North London, but is still afraid.

He says: ‘I gave MI5 and Scotland Yard everything I knew – and nearly lost my life in the mosque attack.

‘My minders begged me not to report the attack to the police – saying any court case would make public that these mosques were under surveillance by the secret services. I obeyed that request.

‘Now, when I see Qatada and Hamza running rings around the British Government again, I wish they had listened to my warnings.’

We have a RIGHT to this country and we should ignore what Laws are passed to discriminate against us.
We have a RIGHT to take up arms and hunt down ALL ENEMIES OF THE BRITISH within and without the Security services.
MI5/MI6 and various other Security Services and our Governments have betrayed us, we cannot be ENEMIES OF THE STATE as it's the STATE which we need to control in order to save OUR COUNTRY AND OUR PEOPLE.
And what have the BRITISH done to stop this ......... watch bloody coronation street and the xfactor.


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