Saturday, 14 April 2012


With local elections and the London mayoral contest imminent I am in a quandary who I should support.
I have now left the BNP, not because of any policy differences nor by any diminution of my nationalist beliefs but because I see the present leader and his associates leading the party and our cause to ever more irrelevance.

I like other contributors have left with a heavy heart and sadness at the seeming waste of all our efforts to promote the nationalist cause in Wigan and Leigh, efforts which were starting to bear fruit only two short years ago.
That these hopes have been dashed is a bitter pill for me to swallow as it is for the large number of patriots not now involved in the party.

I put the blame for this calamitous decline in the Party's fortunes squarely on Nick Griffin.
For eight years I idolised him until the blinkers were removed from my eyes.
Inept handling of the media, broken pledges to party members and replacing of intelligent long standing officials by rough semi literate uncouth individuals brought the party into disrepute and gave our enemies ammunition which we could ill afford.

Griffin's contempt for the democratic process was the last straw for me when he renaged on the conference decision to have elected members on the Advisory Council and followed that by his underhand methods to retain his position as leader, a position he had stated previously he would give up.
Before the election anyone he perceived as a threat was expelled on spurious grounds.
Even Stalin went through the formality of a show trial. Griffin just sacked people, endorsed of course by his docile incestuous appointees on the advisory council who owe their position to him.

All this is bad enough but to make progress in elections you have to be liked by the voters.

Nick Griffin is not liked by the voters, and he must know this.

So why does he cling on?
One reason is the money his position brings. He will not hold his MEP seat next time but he did con the party into agreeing a pension of about £20,000 for himself if he finished.

But could there be another reason? That he is a State asset.

It is a well known fact that the State will do and is doing its best to shut down the nationalist movement and has infiltrators inserted in the BNP ranks.

Now think about it. How best to destroy a party?
Do it quickly and a new one will rise to take its place.

Do it slowly, eat away at it like a cancer and it will gradually fade over a period of years while they flood the country with immigrants past a point of no return.
Make it seem to activists that their position is hopeless and that their work as been in vain.
Demoralise them and make them suspicious of their colleagues.

This latter scenario is what has happened to the BNP UNDER NICK GRIFFIN'S LEADERSHIP.

If he really believed in the cause he would make way for someone more electible and who could unite ALL nationalists. That he does not do as leaders of other parties routinely do and make way for a more suitable leader shows he puts himself (or his paymasters?) before our country.
The BNP brand could be resurrected if he let go of the reins but he will not do so and with him a leader the slow decline will continue.

So there you have my dilemma.
I have good friends and former colleagues who still believe in and support Nick Griffin and who are standing for the Party.
In my opinion they have not seen the light. He is taking them for a ride.

Do I wish them well or not? Of course, as individuals.
If the BNP does well in May, Griffin will see that as a confirmation of his hold on Nationalism and make it harder to prize the leadership from him and re vamp the Party.
BUT if it and other Nationalist parties do badly patriots will become demoralised and opt out of the political process.

I believe we should recognise the hard work of all nationalist parties and at least vote for them.
Even if no longer a member of the BNP bite your tongue and vote for them. The candidates will be usually good patriots and deserve our votes.
If there are other nationalist or patriotic parties or people standing we should vote for them, but if there is no choice other than the parties who have and are destroying our country,--

SPOIL YOUR PAPER. At least at the count it will be read and your opinion noted.

I HOPE after the election all the various strands of nationalist belief will in some way come together and unite under one banner.
Perhaps a bad result will knock their heads together and even make Nick Griffin see sense.

But I doubt the latter.
Even when his vote goes down he will hail it as a triumph!

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Peter, Liverpool said...

The BNP cannot be resurrected now in any form, Griffin has set the Nationalist cause back twenty years and it has become toxic in the eyes of the electorate.

His inept, incompetent performance on Question time was the first and biggest nail in the BNP coffin which translated into his appalling Barking GE result.

You are right though all the work put in over the years by hundreds of Nationalists was for nothing other than to swell his bank balance. I detest him now for the knife he has stuck into the hearts of all ex BNP Nationalists who he betrayed for financial gain.

I hope he gets humiliated at the next cycle of EU elections.. Call it pay back for him for his traitorous actions on all the fine serving ex Nationalists who he betrayed. Peter, Liverpool.