Saturday, 18 February 2012


In spite of our straightened financial circumstances and front line services being severely cut it seems some departments are immune from any cuts.
The "Diversity and Citizen Directorate" of the Metropolitan police and its 36 staff is safe.
This virtuous group, headed by the daughter of immigrants on it is said £80,000 per year will continue to promote the interests of ethnic minority employees and deals with gender, disability and sexual orientation and race.

Three years ago it urged staff to "celebrate" the contribution of Roma gipsies to London's culture and diversity.
The total cost of this worthy operation must have cost well in excess of three million. No actual police duties, criminals arrested of course.Nothing must be allowed to detract from the more important work of diversity.

If this were all and the only example of police waste it would be bad enough but the above PC charade only refers to the Met.

Lancashire police has a similar department with a staff of about five led this time not by a black person but by a representitive of another so called disadvantaged group,a homosexual to see that there is no homophobia in Lancashire in the police or anywhere else.
They are not on the beat of course but doing the important work of collating alleged homophobic or racist incidents from their cosy warm offices.

It is interesting that these groups are always headed by a person from a so called minority group who always have an agenda to promote their cause and seek advantages over the "normal" ethnic Brits. We are thus themselves disadvantaged twice, first by being forced to pay for what we have not requested and being discriminated against at our own expense.

This situation is no doubt replicated throughout all police "services"(not forces) and the sums devoted to this cause must be enormous.

So when you are attacked or burgled and the police are too busy to attend you can rest assured that the important work is continuing in the office and all homophobic and racist comments recorded.

But that is not all.

Local authorities, while cutting down front line staff in the street maintenance, social care and refuse collection on account of cost imperatives will still ring fence diversity departments in their costly little empires.

The total costs must run into hundreds of millions, costs which add to our rates and taxes, costs which cost jobs and do not deliver the services to which we are entitled.

I believe this army of tax sucking parasites should be sacked with no compensation or given jobs which benefit our communities.
It will not happen of course and our country will keep sinking under the heavy load of these unproductive leeches.

THE PC AGENDA IS TOO ENTRENCHED and will remain so until we do hit the buffers .

BUT HIT THE BUFFERS IT WILL, and we will get the services we pay for at a lesser cost.

THIS MADNESS CAN NOT CONTINUE and logic and fairness WILL eventually prevail.

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What are you complaining about?you and all of the other members of the indigenous population will get your fair share of police nerve gas,water cannon,tazers and good old fasioned beating with truncheons,if you object to invasion,rape,robbery, murder,defrauding of the public purse,bombing,beheading,and general parasitism that has been brought to you at great expense by those wonderfull intellects of the third world that has made England prosper,as we see all around us,this is real progress,something that we indigenous natives could not have achieved by ourselves,so look forward comerade to this bright future,big brother knows what is best for you.