Monday, 20 February 2012


When I was at school in the "forties" I learnt that in our country we had free speech unlike many others.
In the Communist bloc people had to pretend to be communist and join the party if they wanted a job. Disent or a contrary opinion could mean a spell in the gulags.
Similarly in Nazi Germany you had to be a party member and obey orders to avoid a concentration camp.
Even in the West in "The Land of the Free" any hint of a Communist opinion would land you in trouble.

Eventually the yoke of dictatorship was thrown off in the Soviet bloc and the books thrown open to demonstrate the tyrrany of the system. Similarly with the defeat of the nazis its hidden horrors were shown.

At last we thought the majority of the western world was free and people could articulate their thoughts without penalty.

Alas no such luck. A new Orwellian totalitarian system has arisen where pepole are afraid to give vent to their thoughts and opinions.

What is it? The "Race Industry".

According to the rules instigated slowly and surreptitiously by this well funded industry to utter a "racist" word is one of the most hienous crimes of all.
If a child utters a word considered by this body as racist it can blight his prospects of employment for life. If an adult, the sack without compensation and possibly with loss of pension.

All this is said to be done in the interests of equality but again some are more equal than others.
Black and other ethnic organisations are tolerated and even subsidised and encouraged while societies to promote the interests of "whites" are deemed racist.
Black organisations can not be tarred with the racist brush (pun intended)

All this makes native Brits frightened of speaking freely. If a topic vaguely racist is aired they seem obliged to preface their remarks with "I'm not racist but"
You never hear a black man say this.

Muslim hate clerics can promote death and destruction to non believers with impunity.
When terrorist outrages are committed the police visit "community elders" to reassure them that all is well.

Similarly when blacks riot the police take a softly softly approach to avoid inflaming feelings. Blacks are promoted above their capabilities in a show of diversity as it seems black criminals do not like being arrested by white officers.
I would not know, never having been arrested, but being arrested in MY country by someone born abroad would stick in my craw.

Why am I going on like this?

Well last week a seven year old child was threatened with being tagged racist after asking a dark boy at school whether he came from Africa, an innocent question I would have thought and with no malice.
His mother refused to sign that her son was racist. She insisted he isn't and I am sure that is so. It is only later when he realises the damage multiculturalism and immigration has done to his prospects that it will dawn on him that there is a logic to this so called racism.

It is not that we feel we are better, it is just that this is our only country and we want it for us. We have never been asked if we wanted this brave new world(some democracy).

If I had been the mother I would have been tempted to say my child is not racist but I am. The danger with that strategy would be that Social Services would be called and the child put into care.
Nothing must interfere with the brainwashing of our children.
Much of the deterioration of educational standards is down to the policy of promoting teachers on the grounds of their PC credentials which usually means a poor teacher as well.

So how do we counter this insidious brainwashing of our children?

Well we can take heart. In the USSR and Nazi Germany when people could speak freely they expressed the thoughts they always had but which of necessity had to lie dormant.

Also the law of unintended consequences kicks in.

When white kids are discriminated against at school, overlooked for promotion on grounds of positive discrimination and see their neighbourhoods degenerating into squalid ghettoes they will hold their tongues but the feeling of injustice will remain and will erupt in the future.

What can we older folk do.
Well they can't touch me, I'm retired so I shall continue to speak my mind, not in an agressive way but a factual one. I shall keep pointing out to my descendants the disadvantages they suffer.

It is not so hard and I am heartened by the seething anger many young Brits feel about the situation but dare not express it.

I can and so I state without any shame that as a patriot--


That is something I DO have in common with blacks as they are the most racist of all.

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