Friday, 17 February 2012


Why is our government making such a song and dance about the turmoil in Syria?
Have they not done enough damage in Libya and Egypt where the new "free" governments are implicated in torture and persecution against minorities.
What will happen in the future nobody knows but it is likely that muslim fundamentalists will gain control.

In Libya it was easy. Gadaffi was persuaded to give up his arms and so was unable to defend his regime.

This fact will not have been un noticed by Assad in Syria, a well armed state and there is no way we could intervene in what is a civil war.

I have no love for these Arab dictators but recent events have shown that replacing these strong men causes more suffering than if they had been left in place. In any case people do not like outsiders interfering in the internal p0olitics of a nation.

That is why Russia and China vetoed the UN resolutions lest it was taken as a method of poking our arrogant Western noses in the affairs of these countries.
And why is there no clamour for regime change in North Korea where there is much more persecution?
Because they are a nuclear power and that is the reason why Iran wants to join the nuclear club, so that they can not be intimidated by the USA, Israel, and its poodle supporters.
And who can blame them?

Bad as these regimes are they will in all likelyhood be replaced by even worse regimes but in any case these are matters internal to the countries concerned and nothing to do with us.

I have a feeling however that turmoil in the Middle East and the consequent disunity among the Arabs could have been engineered to prevent a united front against Israel when it proceeds with its promised attack on Iran.

I don't like the Iranian regime , but they are no threat to us and we could buy oil from them as does China but we wage economic war against them and our oil prices are going up as a consequence.
Yes they are belligerent towards Israel, but from England's point of view who cares? it is not our problem. I don't care if they blow each other off the face of the earth so long as our country is not involved.

Iran and Syria are no threat to us if we keep our noses out but we are paying the penalty in terrorism and oil prices because of our perceived support for Israel.

In the meantime China has access to cheap oil and is undercutting us financially.

It is time we realised who our friends are. We have none and must stand on our own feet and make our own way in the world by trade alone.
If it suits our interests go for it, if not ignore it and don't take sides.

Our governernment must realise that they were elected to promote our interests in a highly competitive world and that should be the first and only priority.




Durotrigan said...

I quite agree LP. There's nothing for us to gain from becoming involved in such disputes, but plenty to lose. It's utterly pointless.

Incidentally, have you noticed the story about the Labour Councillor who called for the IRA to bomb the Tory Conference? There does seem to have been some discrepancy between the way that she and Emma West have been treated:

Andyj said...

Pakistan has declared they will not allow a US attack from or over their soil.

Syria, it's looking all the time the antagonists cannot be Syrian. An Immam was shot dead for speaking against the rebels, a 5yr old child was shot dead as he stepped into the Mosque and the reporter who was killed was in a peaceful pro-Gov't. Christian/Alawi area which was peaceful. Someone mortar bombed them.

Assad has stated publicly a Constitution is being written up that specifically denies any religious political party and no-one can serve a maximum of two terms of office.

On that score. Bombing will be hastened. Iran will be forced to intervene because they have a pact like our Warsaw pact.

Say goodbye to fuel supplies and then gas... Russia will comply.

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Andyj said...

I entirely agree Mr. Englishman. It's no pleasure to respond to this blog due to this "security". After all, any response still requires an auditor. :(