Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Yesterday, I like most I presume BNP members received a letter rebuffing the questions which were put to the Party leaders by the BBC for the forthcoming "Panorama" programme.

The BBC as is well known is no friend of Nationalism being infested by P C Metropolitan types and left wing aliens but I believe its questions should have been answered.
We must have a more effective way of promoting our cause.

According to the letter the majority of questions were not of a policy nature , but regarding finance. It seems the party's policies on immigration and ethnicity were not questioned. Whether they will be in the programme I do not know.

I know the BBC contains many perverts and cheats as do the other parties but we should at least have the courage of our convictions and be prepared to answer honestly questions put regarding our finances and policies.
Hiding away and sending out letters answering questions which may or may not have been put will convince no one and the BBC will as always have the last laugh, AT OUR EXPENSE.
To challenge reporters on the morality of their bosses in so large an organisation is I believe futile. It has nothing to do with them, any more than the "Granny Porn" episode has to do with Nick Griffin.

The fact that the party is so hot under the collar over a programme which has not yet been broadcast and which it seems is mainly concerned with finance would seem to the impartial observer that it has something to hide in this aspect.
The thrust of the programme apart from a few financial aspects is not known yet we have a campaign of answers to questions not even asked.

In fact some of the questions which we are told were put are those members have been asking for years without having had a satisfactory answer.

BNPtv is a worthy organisation with a loyal following including me but it can not compete with the reach of the BBC and to believe it can is delusional.

The best way to deal with a hostile media is to simultaneously video interviews and answer questions with straight answers.
The Party has recently been demonstrating at the lack of publicity we are getting, but when a reporter comes they refuse to be interviewed.

This programme will show the Party in the worst possible light and then--


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