Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I must congratulate Nick Griffin on his speech reported on the Party website regarding the undue influence of big business in our energy industry and future, aided and abetted by politicians.

Whether you believe in AGW or not it is certain that CO2 levels are rising but their relationship to temperature is at least unproven.
I myself don't care either way as the contributions of Britain are miniscule in comparison to countries such as China, India, the USA or even Germany.
All thease countries are building coal fired power stations and if we do not secure our own energy we will need more than the hair shirts advocated by the Limp Dems or Greens if we are to avoid starvation or famine.

Of course it suits, as Nick said other countries to impose impediments to our industry in the form of a carbon tax as this not only benefits them but those parasites who trade in certificates of no intrinsic value but are an easy way to make money.
Before the happy event of its demise Lehman Brothers was big in this corrupt scam, and that is one reason why the Tories are in favour on these unrealistic schemes.

Regarding "Fracking" or the release of gas from deep geological structures I am not necessarily against this. My only problem with it is if the strata contains recoverable coal deposits which we may need later,and could destroy, but otherwise I am all for it.

Talk of methane escapes is irrelevant.

This may surprise many but Wigan hundreds of years ago was sometrhing of a spa town before industrialisation as is shown by the many local area names containing the word "spring"
Indeed there was a nationally famous well near Wigan known as "The Burning Well" where methane escaped from the coal measures and caught light.

There is no record of any harm coming from this well (apart perhaps from some facial burns)
Methane's old name was "Marsh Gas" or "Will o the Wisp" and common in boggy regions, so I do not believe any methane escape into the water supply will do much harm.

If we find massive gas reserves with the above proviso that in extracting it we do not destroy other resources I am all for it.


I do not believe we should waste this asset as we wasted North Sea gas and oil.

I remember when I was a councillor (a proper one ) when Nick Griffin was fresh out of private school, North Sea oil was discovered and saying to a fellow councillor that having found and proved it we should cap the wells and use it when it had become scarce and dear.

Instead Thatcher sold oil cheaply to destroy the miners, and we became an oil and gas exporter even though the price we received was a fraction of what it would now be worth. She and the following Labour government joined the "dash to gas" thus destroying our coal industry and in effect selling our family silver.
Now we are at the mercy of foreign states and pay dearly for our fuel.

Short termism, political expediency and graft. The wealth and prosperity of the nation has come last with our politicians, influenced as they are by their friends in the City and abroad.

I therefore believe we should prove these gas deposits, put the infrastructure in for their exploitation and mothball them.

In future energy in the bank will be more valuable than money in the bank as the latter nowadays is not even paper, just lines on a computer screen.

We need to conserve our tangible assets.



Andyj said...

Actually, there were three "burning wells".
The most notable one was off the A49 Roman road near Winstanley. The other two were in Hindley. One of those was around 100' West of the new Asda. The other is now in a ditch built up area of modern houses. Both were over fault lines.

For the first well; Celia Fiennes wrote of it on her travels around C1700:


Lanky Patriot said...

Andy, I found that very interesting and from her book I think she must have travelled through Billinge over the hill.
She mentions a "High Causey".
This road now called Crank road used to be called the causey and the pub near the site of Billinge Hospital now known as the Holts Arms is referred by its old name by locals as "The Foot of The Causey" or now just "The Foot".