Monday, 3 October 2011


Enough is enough.

I have given the main party website twenty four hours to publish a decent obituary to David Hannam, but no such obituary has appeared.
Common decency would demand a few words of sympathy to his family,a little word of thanks for his work and support for the cause and his LOYALTY to the party.

I am sad about his premature death but disgusted by the failure of the Party to acknowledge him, the work he did or his untimely demise.

Is this how it treats people who have given their all?
If so party members be warned you do not count.

All we have had is a snide remark on Twitter I'm told,(I don't go on it)from the Chairman.

David deserves better than this.
I know he was not perfect, (is our chairman?) but I feel he carried the can for the inefficiencies and practices perpetrated by the chairman.

David was a decent man trying to do the impossible . He was trying to make the Party honest and what does he get when he is no more.

NOTHING. It seems he was a non person.

I may be wrong but I get the feeling that the Griffin hierarchy are shedding no tears over his death.

Perhaps he knew too much.

Hopefully he left a record of his efforts to shield the "shenanigans"of those now running this rapidly imploding clique.

Have no fear, in the end,

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Andyj said...

Have a look at Simon Darby's website. I feel they are keeping it quiet for legal reasons against the BBC.