Sunday, 9 October 2011


Over the last few days I have been thinking about and reading in the papers about the latest 70 billion Quantitative Easing (printing of money) which has been decided by Mervyn King.

This amounts to over £1000 for every person in Britain. It is not extra money he has given us, it is a debt he has saddled us with. Most affected are those with private pension schemes which have seen their pensions fall by as much as thirty percent.
In effect their pensions have been stolen.

I accept something drastic has to be done to save our country and provide jobs and if some sacrifices MUST be made we will all have to accept them.

BUT it is the way the money will be introduced which I can not understand.
It will be all channelled through ,you guessed it the bankers who caused much of the problem in the past.

Why could this "new money" not be used to improve our infrastructure or lent directly by the government to small firms at low interest? We would then get some return on this "investment" and our sacrifices, increase employment and in the end get a return on that money.
Then perhaps it would be worth it but it seems this new money created out of thin air will just boost the bank's balance sheets and the bosses bonuses.

I accept I am not an economist but the results of our country being ruled at the whim of these "experts" have been little short of disasterous.
So I ask the question. Why can the money not be put directly into the economy, businesses and infrastructure etc?

Why do the banks need to be involved at all?

Perhaps there are government forces controlling us, our economy and prospects behind the scenes which act in their interests and not in the national interest. It seems so.

Can anybody who knows how the finance world works please enlighten me? because I can see no logic in the way they are conducting our economy and our country?

I do not understand it. Does anybody?

If you do please tell me.


Andyj said...

Because Vermin King is a banker?


In order for the fascist world order to take complete control ,the populations of every country must be impoverished,for a man begging for bread has no power ,political or otherwise,they already have taken your little pieces of broken gold jewelery,which could have been used for barter,and gave you ,paper ,the "value"of which can be instantly destroyed at the whim of the elite,and will be when they consider the time is ripe,the supermarkets have a stranglehold on every-ones food,and once they are told to pull the plug,we have three days before we begin to go hungry/starve.As has been shown,in america and elsewhere over the last two centuries ,constricting the money supply has been used to dictate any and every price that the elite wishes to buy any goods at,and there by vanishes any and every freedom that we once possessed.

Lanky Patriot said...

Yes Englishman, if you or your wife have any gold jewellry, don't be tempted to sell it.

It will be worth a lot more in the future when all the paper they have printed is worthless and only fit for lighting the fire.

A lot better than money in the bank, depreciating all the time while the bankers get their bonuses.


Lanky,have a look at this graph in this article to see just how bad things really are: advance warnings

Lanky Patriot said...

Thanks for that link Englishman.

I have never trusted the banks after I read about the Weimar republic and their overuse of printing presses.

I had a good job, saved hard and put all my savings into land and property as I feared and still do poverty and starvation in our country when the s**t hits the fan.
However all true nationalists will not need to fear about food.
I have enough land to feed all local ones.
I would do that free for English people, the only thing I would want in return is protection from those who shouldn't be here and would try to take it off me (and you)