Saturday, 8 October 2011


Yet another attack on the BBC and Panorama features on the party website.
This is getting a bit repititious and boring.

BUT there may be a way of benefitting from the "lies" which we are told are to be broadcast.

We could do as others quoted in todays article on the website and SUE the BBC for defamation of persons in the Party.
As has been shown thousands of pounds have been paid out for false accusations and libels in the past and our Chairman could do the same.

Think what a case he could make when he refuted the lies that he believes will be told about him.

He of course will know this as a lawyer, and he has vast experience of lawcourts as Chairman of the Party.

I am sure he will relish the opportunity to take the BBC to the cleaners and will be waiting with eager anticipation for the programme.
When these lies are broadcast he will be on them like a ton of bricks and have them in court for thousands in damages.

Will this programme solve the party's financial problems? It could.


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