Monday, 10 October 2011


As Winter approaches we look back to the barbecue summer due to global warming which confounded the "experts" by not turning up.

We can also celebrate "The Arab Spring" when the peoples of North Africa gained their freedom and could live in harmony, also predicted by the experts and supported by our government at a cost of billions in Libya.
It is wonderful to see the newly freed people of Tunisia enjoying their freedom by attempting to escape to Europe.
The harmony in Libya in those areas liberated fron Gadaffi gladdens ones heart and it must make Cameron proud that the captured soldiers are at last seeing the benefits of democracy.

Oh sorry there must have been a mistake. The sub Saharan Africans who fought for Gadaffi are not facing trial but murder by being shot if they are lucky and by torture and mutilation if they are not.
This is not racist of course, only whites can be racist.

Egypt, freed of Mubarak has settled down to peace and should have free elections where all races and religions are treated equally, provided they are muslims.
How lucky the Coptic Christians are to live in a predominently muslim society, the religion of peace whose adherents kill them and burn their churches with the connivance of the democratic military dictators.

I realise that Coptic Christianity was the original religion long before the armies of the religion of peace arrived, but turning the other cheek has really helped them and hastened their eradication. It shows their religion is "not fit for purpose" and must therefore be suppressed.

As he basks in the sucess of a well thought out policy Cameron would do well to observe the turmoil in other Middle East countries, favoured by islamic inhabitants and see how that knowledge could affect our country.

His party and the previous Labour Party have seeded our towns with rapidly growing areas, mini caliphates who represent the religion of peace and wish only to take over the rest of the country by peaceful means such as breeding.

If Cameron and his cronies just allow this to happen all will be peaceful and harmonious. He will of course have to silence those "bigots" who wish to retain their non peaceful democratic way of life by leafletting and doing table tops.
Perhaps these misguided people who foolishly resist will have to be peacefully deported or even executed.

But that is the penalty for resisting these peaceful follwers of the prophet what's his name? who can not be depicted in pictorial fashion.
He was brought up among camels in the desert and thus knew everything about camels and sand but little else, just the man to peacefully start a new religion by slaughtering others and just the man for God to talk to and make rules for us all.

The prophet and God have spoken and it is our duty to obey.


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