Monday, 10 October 2011


How convenient. The BNP website is off line following the Panorama programme.
I know it is a bit soon for a comment but the inability to get on the site is to say the least strange.
have they run away as Nick did in Leicester?
Having seen the programme I was a little disappointed at its shallowness. It did not unearth much that we did not already know, so why all the fuss about it on the official site?

It was said that donations reached record levels and so did expenditure, but no details of that expenditure were discovered.
I feel there is a lot more to it still hidden.

I am and always have been a nationalist but feel cheated in not being given the answers to valid questions of on what this vast amount of money was spent. Questioning the finances is not treachery, it is a reasonable request for answers which I had hoped the programme would have elucidated.
It did not. All it showed was a culture of misaccounting and possibe fraud but no clue as to where our money has gone.
Possibly criminal charges will be brought, I don't know but the members deserve to know where their money has gone.
None of it came to our group. We put far more in the kitty than we got out.

Unfortunately the image of the party and thus of nationalism was dragged down by the disgraceful tactics at the aborted interview in Leicester, especially when the reporters were ejected from the venue. Those involved looked like and acted like the thugs we are portrayed as and this is the image we must lose.
The venue incidentally was where our last conference was held.

I have to say that those who consented to be interviewed conducted themselves in exemplary fashion and would be an asset to any patriotic party( apart from the traitor Bennett). Of course they are not members of the BNP now although they formerly held senior positions before leaving in disgust.
Their politics I am sure remain the same but the party hierarchy has let them and our nation down and those remaining in the party showed their true calibre.

I feel it is a pity that Andrew Brons did not appear on the programme as he would have shown the real BNP and countered the uncouth attitude of those still loyal to Nick Griffin.

I can only hope for a more in depth scrutiny of the Party and its finances in the future.

Is this tame programme what they were frightened of?
If so there must be much more lieing under the carpet.

Let's put all this deceit and corruption behind us and work for a clean honest Nationalist grouping which unites all true Brits.


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Durotrigan said...

Yes, I'm sure that Andrew Brons would have come across well. At least it was heartening to see that Panorama did seem to acknowledge his probity by referring to his refusal to abuse EU funds. Unfortunately, as you note, he is not heading the BNP, and the man who is heading the party, intends to stay there.