Saturday, 29 October 2011



The great day has arrived, the one we have all been waiting for. The Annual BNP Conference starts today. It will of course be the best ever (it always is). This time owing to the Party being "the most rapidly growing party in the country" members are invited to bring guests.

This is a new approach and I presume on account of a much bigger venue found, or perhaps the bargain price of £25 for two days. Previously attendance was strictly limited to voting members so the new rules are an indication of the massive growth in membership from over 14,000 to perhaps 7,000 (well you can grow down). It will certainly be a full house like the picture above which was taken at the "Ideas" conference last weekend.

One thing that puzzles me in recent pictures on the official site is that few photos are taken of the audience, most of them being of the "Top table". Arthur Kemp always advised against this method of recording meetings, saying it was better to illustrate the enthusiastic throngs at these meetings.

There have been pictures of meetings and events such as The Trafalgar Dinner which illustrated two tables, nicely laid out but no photo of the venue crowded with guests enjoying their meal. There was I admit a picture of the visit to Walsingham Abbey by members of the club but for propaganda purposes it would have been better to have given a visual impression of the large numbers attending this fest. Or maybe there were not so many attendees. No that can't be true in a "rapidly growing party" or can it. In future I would ask the compilers of reports on the main web site to include ALL those attending meetings and functions so that people can rejoice in the rapid progress the Party is making.

The picture of the meeting at the top shows how it should be done although those present there were it seems subsidized by George Soros and Searchlight and thus traitors. That is possibly the reason that the admission fee was £2 rather than £15, but it's nice to have a billionaire at the back of you.

I await news of the "exciting new initiatives" from the "best ever" meeting this week end.

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