Sunday, 30 October 2011


I take back what I said last night. The BNP conference in Liverpool will indeed prove to be the best ever, not for the content but for its effect in flushing the drains of Liverpool out.

The fat undemocratic pig Joe Anderson (pictured) demonstrated the contempt for democracy of the Labour group in Liverpool by threatening the landlord of the venue where the BNP annual conference was held with termination of his licence if he did not end the meeting and throw the participants out.

I believe Nick Griffin did the democratic cause a power of good in this instance in flushing undemocratic scum such as Anderson from their holes. How he ever was elected is a mystery to me. He can hardly speak (you almost need subtitles to understand him) and it says much about the intellect of those who voted for him.

No wonder Liverpool , my city of birth is a basket case city with undemocratic ignoramouses supposedly running it. Yes it all looks new now owing to massive EU funding but think what the city could become and what it will be when these thickos are on their own. Think what it could be if people of reason and intelligence were in charge. It has been betrayed in the past by its rulers and is being now and when the money stops rolling in it will be left to the likes of Anderson a course man of dubious talents who does not believe in democracy to run it.

God help it.

Nick Griffin has done the democrats a service in this case as he was the bait to entice the worm out of its hole. Anderson would not have bothered if Andrew Brons was running the show as he would probably never have ever heard of him.

So Nick, although I have criticized you in the past you did a good job in this instance, but poor Liverpool at having a such uneducated pig of a leader.


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