Monday, 24 October 2011


Let me introduce myself. My name is Lankypapodopolis and as you can gather by my name I am a Greek citizen.
I am in employment and have a good job and income I get from private business.
It is great here. I do not have to pay much in the way of taxation as my friend is the tax inspector and for a small fee he neglects to send me any tax demands.
This is a great situation for me as the EU is pumping billions of Euros into the economy to stop mu country from defaulting.
We all know it will but I am putting all my money abroad and in gold before this happens so that when it does I will be OK.

I know my friend Lanky Schmitt of Germany does not like paying his taxes to pay me but that is the price of Germany being in the Euro and it helps him as his exports are cheaper and he can sell more of his cars and machinery.
I hope he continues to do this so I can transfer more money out of the system but Mr Schmitt is getting a bit fed up.
He may make more money from his machine exports but he loses most of it by giving it to me.

Any sensible person can see that this situation can not carry on for ever but the politicians are keen for it to continue and while they strive to prevent the inevitable collapse I will continue to convert the paper money they have given me into property and gold.

Government workers here in Greece are getting restive over their reduced job prospects and wages imposed by the EU and there is civil strife in the streets but I am well off and as long as the politicians cling to the EU delusion I am happy,even though I know it is not just. I know that billions of Euros have been withdrawn from the banks here and taken abroad, to safeguard their money.

I note that tonight that in Britain Cameron has had a rebellion from his more honest MPs on his renaging of his pre election promises. He wants still to be part of the shambles although thew people of Britain do not want it, but when did politicians in what is supposedly a democratic country actually do what the people want.
Cameron and his cronies are more interested in the banks and his wealthy friends just as our government is. They are all the same and people such as I benefit.

Any sensible person realises that this system of creating money out of thin air only benefits the rich and moneylenders. Those who have money convert this imaginary vehicle of exchange into solid assets, and I am one of those. My yacht is worth hundreds of thousands of Euros, and I have a stash of gold.

Politicians have no inkling of the real world, the differences in countries and seek a unified Europe as a prelude to a global economy run of course by them.
They do not realise differnet countries have different geography, resources and cultures and seek to blend these into an amorphous mix under their control.
The peoples of the European countries do not like it but to the politicians with their grand delusions of world government they are ignored.

Cameron said tonight that if your neighbours house was on fire you would help him. Of course you would but that would not mean staying in the house with him and burning to death. You would stay outside and help the fire brigade.
He is an idiot or more likely has another agenda.

Well they are not getting my money.
I will keep taking the EU largesse until it runs out and possibly my Italian friends will do the same.
When this Eurofarce eventually does collapse I will be OK but the poor of the rest of Europe will face financial hardship.

I did not make these stupid rules and am not resposible for them . My motive as a wealthy Greek is to protect myself as I am sure all other wealthy Europeans are doing.

The poor will suffer but that fact is the responsibility of the politicians and the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels.

Democracy originated in my country so perhaps it will by defaulting in its debts it will bring the undemocratic house of cards which is the EU down and thus contribute to a new era of freedom after the inevitable hardship of all ordinary Europeans.

It will be worth it for the poor and I am protected as my assets are out of the reach of the government.



"But ye who have store of good,
who are sated and overflow,
restrain your swelling soul,
and still it and keep it low,
let the heart that is great within you,be trained a lowlier way
ye shall not have all at your will,
and we will not forever obey.
SOLON,Athenian lawgiver.

the doctor said...

A brilliant post LP , for years I have said " come the revolution " but never expected to see one . However since Cameron and his Eton mafia have no concept of democracy I just might get to participate one .

bertie bert said...

Tonight (Saturday 29 Oct) you have an opportunity to put your questions to Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group in the British Resistance paltalk room