Sunday, 2 October 2011



Last night on Sky News Bob Crow the ultra Leftie expressed sentiments with which I totally agreed. He wanted a referendum on our continued membership of the EU saying that our laws should be made by ELECTED British people rather than unelected EU bureaucrats.

In the programme (a discussion of the next morning's headlines in the papers) he was joined by the so called Right Wing equally repulsive Nigel Farage who of course agreed with him on this matter.
I can not stand this so called Right Wing Farage, a self publicist promoted by the media way beyond his natural competence and only to act as a safety valve to garner votes for disaffected Tories and thus diminish the nationalist threat to the status quo.

Farage is really a Right Wing Tory. Apart from his alleged antipathy to the EU he is just a Tory and not a Nationalist.
He was a "worker" in the city of London and apart from his proclaimed Eurosceptic ideas is just as embroiled and complicit in the internationalist global banking scam which makes all ordinary citizens poorer.

Now at last the Left in the person of Crow are beginning to see that the influence of our Parliament has been usurped and with it its power.

I do not agree with many of Crow's destructive policies but he and his followers have the right to make their case in their own country. even though I disagree with them, I do agree that the ultimate rulers of our land should be us, for better or worse.
It's called democracy and we do not want that democracy userped by unelected bureaucrats in Brussells.

So there we have it. The Left and the so called Right are against it, and polls have shown that the majority of our people wish to decide who rules us.
Indeed a Parliamentary debate will perhaps be held on that subject. Not whether to leave that corrupt institution but that we, the people could have a choice on who rules us and whether we wish to subsume our ancient democracy to the whims of that expensive and unrepresentitive institution.


Today the Tory toff who was elected as Prime Minister by an allegedly democratic proceedure has shown his contempt for the process which elected him by saying that even if MPs voted for a referendum on whether to remain in the EU although prior to the election he promised us one he would now oppose and possibly veto.

The proposed referendum was not to say that we would definitely exit the EU. It would only be to ask the people what they wished, which I always thought was the hallmark of democracy.
He has reverted to type. The rulers of society know what is best for the country. They are our "betters" by dint of their birth and ancestry, not as a result of their own achievements which when analysed are few.

Few of them have had proper jobs and none in productive occupations which have made even a pound for our country.
But they have friends in the City which has profited greatly at our expense and who fund their unpatriotic party.
They have been bought by the money men, few of whom have our national interests at heart.

They have sold our country for thirty pieces of silver.

In other words, apart from being liars and breaking promises, they are traitors, interested in feathering their and their friend's nests at the country's expense.

As is inscribed on many war memorials, when the s**t really does hit the fan as a result of their treachery--

WE WILL REMEMBER THEM, but for different reasons.




Beware getting into bed with a communist,the absence of clothes will reveal the jew beneath.

Lanky Patriot said...

I have not got into bed with a Communist. I just pointed out that even those on the Left whose policies generally I absolutely detest CAN be sometimes right.

At times "my enemy's enemy can be my friend".

I don't know about Jews.
I do know SOME have been at the forefront of malignant political ideologies bent on the destruction of our free society, and that they control an inordinate share of the world's wealth.

However they are not all bad as that race has produced many eminent scientists and thinkers.

They are intyelligent and support their own, which we as a nation do not.

Perhaps they could teach us something. We could do the same.