Sunday, 2 October 2011


I have heard tonight the sad news that David Hannam, the one time treasurer of the BNP has died at the young age of thirty.

I do not as yet know the cause of his early demise but feel that the immense strain of his job can not have helped his general health. He carried the can on many occasions for the manifold financial discrepancies which have not even now been settled and it must have been a great strain on him.

A likeable man, even when we had differences we knew the pressure he was under, and I am deeply sorry at his death.

My sympathies go to his family on this sad occasion.


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bertie bert said...

Monday 10th of October 2011. B.B.C.1 at 20:30hrs.
Panorama expose officially confirmed.
"Nick Griffin's British National Party, already under investigation for breaches of electoral law, is facing fresh allegations of corruption. Panorama uncovers new evidence of financial documents being falsified and fabricated in order to deceive the Electoral Commission. The programme also has evidence of the BNP's failure to declare major donations to the party.
As Darragh MacIntyre reports, the BNP, which is better known for its controversial views on race, is in debt and according to its own published accounts appears to be technically insolvent."