Saturday, 1 October 2011


With the Tory conference next week we will see the end of the conference season for the big parties which control our country.
So perhaps it is time for an appraisal of their policies, who they represent and what they mean to our country.
Labour, the supposed party of the Left has moved to the centre. It has apologised for the disastrous financial decisions and waste of our assets when it was in office.

I may have missed it but I saw no apology for the selling off of our gold on the cheap, nor the pensions raid.
Nor did I hear any criticism of the Human Rights legislation which discriminates against British people in favour of terrorists and gypsy trash, nor indeed the foreign wars which have cost us so much in lives and money.
The "elder statesmen")of the so called Left have become millionaires of the backs of the people,(Tony Blair and Mandelson to name just two).

They go through the ritual at their conferences of advocating growth without saying how that will happen when industry is shackled with taxes to support non jobs in government employ.

But at least they have admitted some fault with the economy in general and thus ask us, the electorate to trust them again. They must be joking!

The Lib Dems, now in freefall over their renaging of their promises on student fees have little to offer. They say the Human Rights legislation is non negotiable and they, unlike the majority of the electorate are very much in favour of the EU and the supposed dangers of "Global Warming". They wish to tax us on our fuel consumption and thus force what remaining industries we now have to relocate to the Far East.
That will not bother them too much as few of them work in manufacturing and many of the millionaires in that party would cash in on any deals.

Which brings us to the Tory Party, financed to a great part by the bankers/thieves of the City of London.
They like to play this down and endeavour to lose the epithet of "The Nasty Party".
They are not the nasty party, they are the traiterous party.
Time and again they mouth weasel words, make promises and renage on them.
The EU referendum, taking back our law making back from Europe are just two. Taking our country to war is another action which did not appear in their literature nor did the running down of our armed forces.

Instead of reducing our national expenditure by cutting down on Human Rights legislation and immigration as they promised and which is wanted by the people, these actions have been shelved. Immigration in the first year of Tory rule was the highest ever, and token foreigners continue to be given legislative power over us.

The scam which is the banking "industry" continues unabated, while the people's standards of living is reduced (but then the "person who pays the piper calls the tune").

So in a nutshell there is little difference in these three parties in the supposed spectrum between Left and Right.
None of these three parties represents the will of the people. We have no democracy, just a sham or pretence to keep the plebs down as the "experts" know better than the people even as their mistakes are there for all to see.


A nationalist believes that a unified nation works better. Sometimes national interests have to take priority over personal interests,(as for instance in war)

Nationalists believe that our government should be in our hands and our hands only.
We believe that our industries should be nurtured and protected from international predators, unlike the other parties who are happy to allow their sponsors make a fast buck at the expense of the country and workers.
We believe our people should not be compelled to compete with the cheapest labour in the world, even though the City and large firms profit from that.
We believe in fairness throughout society and those who try hardest by GENUINE effort should be rewarded.
We believe our armed forces should be strengthened and used in defence only.
We believe the assets of our land belong to us, bequeathed, worked and died for by our forefathers.
We, as owners should have priority here and recognise other peoples have priority in their own countries.


I believe most people agree with us but the media and State power are against us as we are a threat to their established monopoly of power.

Thus instead of debating with us they villify us, call us names in childlike fashion.

They call us extreme Right Wing. A bit rich from wealthy asset strippers who put millions on the dole.
They call us Nazis or Fascists when far from wanting aggressivly to take other's land, all we wish is to retain our own and make laws in that land which reflects the will of the people.

And worst of all insults they try to throw is that of RACISM, as if that is a crime worse than treason or murder.

Well if racism means prefering the company of my own kind them I am happy to be so called. After all the various ethnic ghettoes which are increasingly infesting our land are a result of these aliens also prefering their own. I just wish they would associate with their own groups in the countries from whence they came.
Just as I prefer my own family, as is natural, the closer people are to me the more comfortable I feel.
Thus I prefer Wiganers, Lancastrians, English, Britains and European in that order.
It is just natural. I do not believe I am better or that those close to me are just that I have more in common.

People all over the world (racists just as much as I am)feel the same and are also forced to lose their roots by the Globalists, and the patriots of many countries are now stirring.

They will and are being attacked by media and governments all over the world but I believe we can unite with these movements and stop this march to servitude.

But to have a race, a culture you have to have your own little patch of land and Britain is ours.
If we can respect other races natural desire for self rule and unite we could do it.

How about a slogan RACISTS OF THE WORLD UNITE?

Now that would really frighten those now in control.
But first we must start at home and unite as patriots, not as extremists, hating others but with a programme for justice for all in our country.

We need a coherent programme of policies and the activists to promote it.
We need to put our ideological nationalist differences aside and join together with what unites us.


We are not doing that now but we must, AND SOON.
Very hard times are ahead and we need to be ready and united.


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