Friday, 30 September 2011


The depths to which our news media nas sunk was amply demonstrated today by the almost blanket coverage on the news channels of the trial of the drug addict and possible child abuser Michael Jackson and the possible involvement of his doctor in prescribing drugs to such a disturbed person.
He must be pleased that he is black or no doubt a racial component would have been introduced to the proceedings.

I am not interested in the findings of this death of a man who admittedly dance a bit but otherwise was of no greater and definitely a lot less consequence than many who have died.
All my brief and unwanted knowledge of this case has informed me of is, don't have a black doctor as they seem unable to control the drugs they are authorised to dispense if bribed by money.

All this is of course irrelevent.

The Euro is collapsing in spite of the millions injected into it by Germany and other European countries including ours.
Where has all this money come from?
It has been created out of thin air by computer keyboard and lent with interest payable by the respective taxpayers.

Even worse the repayment time is so long that future generations not yet born will be theoretically liable for this artificially created debt.
All this is being done in a Ponzi style system in an attempt to keep a corrupt and unwanted European Union going for the present.

It is said that "growth"will in future pay the bills (and the interest to the bankers).
What growth? You can not grow forever and apart from some infrastructure all needs have been provided for Europeans. We all have a roof over our heads, mobile phones, televisions and kitchens and an adequate diet. Yes fuel is a problem but growth will make this worse.

Do those at present in control believe future generations will put up with paying these unfair and un necessary debts thus reducing their standard of living?
If they believe this they are deluded.

These debts will be defaulted on or there will be revolution, and the people will take power.
Perhaps for the first time for many years we may have a semblance of democracy, and the theives of the EU and the bankers have their true deserts.

The EU is just one part of the globalist capitalist cabal which seeks to use us in their financial interests. They wish to control us financially and politically.
Evidence of this can be seen in titles given to certain jobs.
When I was younger there were "personnel" departments. Now it is "Human Resources", that is each person is a resource to be used by the financiers to further their globalist financial agenda.
They do not regard us as people. We are there to be used.

We have travelled little distance from the Middle Ages when the great aristocrats controlled all the wealth and even the freedoms of the people.
Our freedoms are being diminished. Our free speech has become criminal. Our wishes are ignored by those who through this iniquitous electoral system, financed by wealthy capitalists now control us.

In my three years of history lessons at grammar school I learnt a good and relevent saying.




If people are pushed too far HISTORY COULD INDEED REPEAT ITSELF, if those in power do not see sense.


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As the man on the vid said,even collapse is a marvellous opportunity to make more money,for these vested interests,it is these jew parasites that we must rid ourselves of,for they buy our feeble grasping politicians,to enable thier own control.