Friday, 2 September 2011


Good news today on the BNP website. The Rochdale branch is to be reformed.
At a meeting in Salford the new organiser was introduced and photographed with his Salford supporters.

The question which must be asked is why does Rochdale need a new dawn?
It was a good successful branch two years ago but by accident or design was allowed to wither on the vine.

Another question. Why was the inaugural meeting in Salford? Was there no venue or not enough people in Rochdale to fill a small pub room to make this momentous announcement?

I have spoken at well attended and enthusiastic meetings in that town. They had a candidate in the last General Election and local council candidates.

What went wrong?

What went wrong in many other towns in the North West when local branches and groups are moribund or dead?
Our Wigan and Leigh group has in effect ceased to exist and our organiser sacked following an altercation with Clive Jefferson at our last meeting (to which Clive and the Walker brothers were not invited).

Mike Whitby says he will appoint a new organiser. I hope he can and we can reinstate our group. But who will do the job in the present climate?

There is a dearth of activity in the North West, groups and branches have ceased to exist.
It is claimed by the leadership that it is the fault of local activists, but they should ask why?
Why has the motivation to save our country been stifled?
I would suggest it is the fault of the party management. All enthusiasm has been squashed.
This at a time when all the political indices are in our nationalist favour.

Ethnic riots, record numbers of immigrants, foreign wars, cuts in services, higher unemployment and prospects for our British people, and the prospect of building millions of houses in our overcrowded land to accomodate these aliens.

We should have been making great strides in this environment.

It's no use blaming all the local branch organisers all over the country. They have all lost their enthusiasm. They believe the same things and can not be all wrong.

When things go wrong in battle , industry or politics the buck must stop at the top.

Our party, once full of enthusiam has lost its motivation with membership plummeting whatever they claim.

Ordinary members are dissatisfied with the financial statements (or lack of them) put out by the party hierarchy. It's our money. We want to know where it has gone.

We want a logical programme of the direction we must take.
We want a party unsullied by scandal of which we can be proud.

Then we will regain our enthusiasm and again promote our patriotic ideas, but if we are continually held back by sleaze and incompetence we lose our motivation.

It is said that today our leader has had his Skoda car (a funny vehicle for a supposed nationalist who supports British workers) repossessed for debts owing.
I do not know the details but it leaves a nasty taste and gives the impression of a leader who is not quite honest in the eyes of the voting public.
If true you can be sure that the media will make capital out of that.

Yes I know the other party leaders have wealthy backers, but we supposedly had two million pounds over the last two years so there is no excuse.

Perhaps if we could have a bit more honesty from the leadership we could be motivated, but then that could reveal matters they would rather keep from us.

So for now the thankless task of Mike Whitby in the NW ,trying to revive the moribund but once thriving branches with his small and decreasing group of cohorts smiling in photos in every town to indicate an enthusiasm which is not there will continue.

Maybe soon he will realise his is a lost cause, and maybe the leadership will realise their many cock ups and missed opportunities and reform to a re invigorated party.

I am not hopeful and am beginning to feel that this once great party should be put out of its misery to make room for a new clean nationalist grouping which has the possibility of success.

It saddens me to say this but facts are facts.
It's a pity the leadership and those still believing in them can not see it but our party is heading to oblivion.

This does not mean the end of nationalism or patriotism. These principles are needed more than ever and will come to the fore as the-- BRITISH PEOPLE RISE AGAIN.



Well said Charles ............

the doctor said...

I am a committed English nationalist and support the aims of the BNP , however I could never be a member of such a tainted organisation . This is due to the current leadership and the negative impression of the party .
If you do succeed in forming a new organisation then please ensure that the new leaders are ladies and gentlemen that are above reproach .

MARTIN said...


For security reasons with Islamist crazies around Nick Griffin has NOT owned or run a car of his own for years.

You were Wigan BNP Organiser, if as you keep stateing, you are a genuine Nationalist, why do you not accept, the vote, that the BNP members took, Nick Griffin is elected.

You state you represent this area, if you have been " ON strike for the last 12 months " how do YOU know what NW Nationalists feel.

A genuine, Nationalist would never keep insulting and stireing strife, Mike Whitby is genuine, why so hostile, you seem to have fell for the foul lies, of the Bulter\Brons Bandwagon..

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

With all due respect Martin its because Charles is a "true" nationalist that he and the majority of others in our area have made this stance and that includes myself.

The party has been brought into disrepute by the actions of our chairman and his close personnel and allies at the top - (those that get paid huge sums in salaries and who are not even members of the BNP) to advise Nick Griffin and not by the likes of committed nationalists like Charles.

I'm sure you are aware that Mr Adam Walker the BNP Staff Manager was very recently charged with affray and dangerous driving in addition to appearing in court again only to see himself on the judges orders having to pay in excess of £21,000 to past party employee Mark Collett for wrongful dismissal? There are other cases in court soon to be heard including the "Decemberists" and then the case of Michaela Mackenzie....Oh! And lest we forget the Romac printers disgrace where the refusal to settle a bill of £44,000 by the party for the cost of printing our election material saw the firm close last week and along with it redundancy for the nine staff who worked there.

I could go about the "Granny Porn" debacle or the St.Georges day photo's of BNP organisers standing proud for photographs with replica pistols and rifles and then dropping their trousers for the camera to adorn their hairy arses for all the world to see, or those going to far-right festivals in other parts of Europe to be filmed giving the "salute" so lets be brutally honest here Martin and that I'm sure you'll agree this is not the sort of stupidity that are undertaken by "true" nationalists is it.....?

And again Martin with reference to your comment on how the "NW Nationlists" feel....well I'm certain with Charles contacts and wide circle of friends and that of my own understanding of the locality I can certainly tell you we have our fingers firmly on the pulse of local public opinion that until NG goes or until a new suitable and alternative party emerges the BNP will remain stagnant and dare I say "toxic" and the people will keep hold of their "shitty sticks" until the changes are made.

You also stand up for Mike Whitby - unfortunately, his autocratic and bombastic mannerism at our last meeting in Wigan and the "heavy" handed tactics employed by others to scaremonger the attendees including Tony the organiser and myself included was nothing sort of an absolute disgrace.

MARTIN said...

Mackenzie is the woman who has proclaimed to the world that she is going to take the British National Party to the "cleaners" for wrongful dismissal from her job and help bankrupt the party, whilst aligning herself with the charlatan leadership challenger Eddy Butler .
Michaela, is a former employee of the BBC who sued them for constructive dismissal and has portrayed herself as a professional office manager but the truth is some what different.

Originally employed in 2008 by the Party it was agreed that Mackenzie could work from home and perhaps if she had been left in that environment her shortcomings might never have come to light.

When the Party started to grow and Jim Dowson came on-board, one of the first things he did to modernise the infrastructure of the party was to arrange an expenses paid trip for office managers to Spain to take part in a three day intensive training seminar.

However things started to go wrong in 2009 when the Stroud office was opened and Michaela started having problems with her staff, who it must be confessed were difficult to say the least and despite all her professed office management experience, she was unable to manage them properly and became subject to crying fits.

During regular visits to the Stroud office it became very clear that work was not being done and that vital information packs were not being processed correctly.

As a result of the problems in Stroud, Mr Dowson and the chairman of the party, Mr Nick Griffin MEP visited the Stroud office to try and motivate the staff but with little success, as the two people who were supposed to be working under the direction of Mackenzie also had "problems" of their own that were having an impact on work not being carried out in a professional manner.

As a result of the above problems, Jim Dowson sent two other party staff members to the Stroud Office for six weeks to help clear the backlog of work.

Now regardless of what you may think of the smoking ban in offices but it became necessary for a senior officer of the party to warn Mackenzie that she was breaking the law in allowing it and perhaps that warning may have alienated Mackenzie who it seemed was unable to cope with the day to day running of the office.

By now things were starting to crumble and when six sacks of outgoing mail were just dumped like bags of rubbish outside the Post Office despatch compound, without even the correct paper work, Mackenzie was called to task over this. Mackenzie just refused to accept the security implications involved and totally refused to accept responsibility for this breach in security that could have resulted in BNP members information becoming public.

Financially, the party was now suffering from the donations being taken at the Stroud office not being processed because the staff did not know how to process them and Mackenzie was reminded that as office manager she should get things sorted out. Eventually the party had to send more staff to clear things up.

As a result, Mackenzie was summoned to the Belfast office in order to see if there was any way the situation in Stroud could be resolved but by now it seems Mackenzie had lost the plot and was even saying that she had a working relationship with three ghosts that haunted the Stroud office!!!!!!

Despite trying to save the Stroud office, reports then started filtering back that Mackenzie was bragging to people about how she was going to take the BNP to the cleaners for money, whilst being publicly critical of BNP officers and other staff members.

After she refused to answer calls from the party, who were even then still trying to find a way to resolve the problems in Stroud, it was reluctantly decided that in order to safeguard Party records, etc and close down the Stroud office.

MARTIN said...

Mark Collett for wrongful dismissal?, how can you defend this person ? Do you defend Nick Cass, Eddy Butler, Sadie Graham the list of phony " Nationalists " chancers and ego's are all they are. From your own experiance with the " fitting up " by the Police of near family members, believing Pakis, before a English Lad, I am disapointed you believe the lies of the press, I own a air gun, my daugter has a phot on FB of me, does that make me a Criminal ?

Andyj said...

Wigan and Leigh area has a strong and existing membership that is higher than the National average. We don't need a central dictat unless it's to vote someone who's turf is bigger than an MP's.

I paid membership. The money simply went missing. Not good enough.

WE ARE THE WIGAN BNP. Without us, without a grovelling apology, N.G. will never be an EU MP any more.

I am sure many more would vote for us locally with no tainted leader and no influence from those outsiders who are our own worst enemies.

People who walk the streets of Wigan town centre keep seeing coloured faces imported here before they go away. All at a huge cost to us the people in taxes, jobs, positions in college, places to live, national debts and so forth.

It's about time those who want something, pay for it themselves.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Martin, I find your last comment to be somewhat irrational to say the very least! Just where did I say I "defend" Mark Collett? If they wanted rid of Mark then it should have been done in a professional manner, shouldn't it? And the same goes for all the others in disrepute with the party and that they at the top should not have burdened both politically and financially the decent and good grass-root members with their disastrous ineptitude at getting rid of those they no longer have use for.

I am more than aware (as you mention) of the injustices of our corrupt regime and how it operates against the indigenous and I'm certainly more than aware of the disgraceful media. (Charles, I still have your book "The Flat Earth" by the way.) All the decision I make in life and certainly regarding the political front are calculated only by my own workings out and not swayed by other/outer influences. So, don't be disappointed there Martin.

To finish, I never insinuated that owning a replica firearm or an airgun to be a criminal offence - what I did say was - it's nothing short of stupidity to go around at a BNP festival posing with them so, it looks like some paramilitary gathering instead of some political party get together. It's all about image and the BNP keep shooting themselves in the foot (If you'll excuse the pun).

Anyway, Martin it's a shame that you can't see the wood for the tree's just yet yourself. Good luck going forward with the party - you'll need it!

Lanky Patriot said...

Martin, you are incorrect in much of what you say.
I have NOT been on strike for the last twelve months, in fact I attended the annual Party conference last December.

I resigned as local organiser, exhausted at trying to put a positive gloss on a party which I could see rapidly going downhill and losing its way.

I spoke at our last meeting in June and gave my reasons.

I object to being lied to.

I object to Nick Griffin breaking his promises.

I object to all our local money being taken to fund the central office and my having to pay local firms invoices when the party has declined to do so.

I object to being sent a disciplinary summons for attending as an observer a meeting held by a long standing nationalist.

I object to the nepotism in the Party.

I object to the expulsion and sacking of most of our best long standing nationalists for their constructive criticism.

Yes Nick Griffin won by the skin of his teeth because many "armchair" members were not on the computer and thus unaware of the true state of the party.

Mike Whitby is a sycophant. I give him the benefit of the doubt regarding his loyalty to nationalism for now, but I have been a member more than twice as long as him.

The others you criticize, some I like some I don't but if we are to get anywhere we must unite all the nationalist groupings in our country and this will not happen under Griffin.

I am in contact with people who once were good activists from all over the country on a daily basis and all agree we need change if we are to survive.

Do you blame me for the collapse of Rochdale, Oldham, Warrington, Stockport, Tameside, Blackburn, Blackpool etc?

Does the collapse of activities in these areas not tell you something?

My motives have always been to put Nationalism foremost and when I see it being taken down and destroyed by bad and incompetent management I feel it is my duty to try to halt the decline.

If you spoke to as many people as I do I think you would agree with me.