Thursday, 1 September 2011

How the POLICE react when the ENGLISH want to defend their communities from the rioters and looters and how they react to IMMIGRANTS defending their c

As we know there have been serious cases of "SHOPPING WITH VIOLENCE" in parts of the ENGLAND a few weeks ago.

The POLICE were knowhere in sight when the VIOLENCE flaired, with POLICE vehicles abondoned in public places filmed being attacked with not a "POLICE OFFICER" (I use the term loosly, as they are now just STATE controlled STASI)in sight.

Later into the violent riots the POLICE were sent on the street in such small numbers against 100s of rioters. Yet all they did were stand by and watch.

Things turned out to be different when the ENGLISH went out on to their streets, not to riot or cause violence and mayhem but to protect their communities and properties from those that would cause harm.

And what was the reaction to that by the STASI ?

"Hundreds of police officers descended on a London suburb last night to disperse about 60 men who claimed to be protecting shops and businesses there for a second night.

The men, apparently supporters of the extreme-right English Defence League, gathered in a pedestrianised square in Eltham drinking cans of beer and chanting 'We love you England'.

With shops and pubs in the high street shut, the group – white men aged in their 20s to 50s – brought carrier bags with beer in them and drank and sat on benches.

But around 300 police officers flooded the high street, surrounding the group. Around 8.30pm, the order was given to disperse the group of EDL supporters – and youths who had arrived to see what was going on.

Officers moved in to shepherd the group away from the square, known as Passey Place, and out of the town down Eltham Hill."

Things were rather different for other, non Indigenous English groups, who were seen on the streets armed with "HOCKEY STICKS and METAL BARS", With apparent POLICE knowledge.

"Some groups had armed themselves with lengths of pipe and baseball bats, while some shopkeepers had knives in their stores, claiming that police were 'nowhere to be seen' and had 'failed' them during the first three days of violence.

Sikh men armed with hockey sticks and metal bars were on guard yesterday in both West London and West Bromwich and stressed they were there with the 'full knowledge' of police."

Now I wonder why the STASI were so quick in sending in over 300 officers in an area being protected by the INDIGENOUS population yet were willing to allow IMMIGRANTS, of whatever persuaion, to ARM THEMSELVES to protect their communities with apparent FULL POLICE KNOWLEDGE and apparent tacit agreement ?

It wouldn't be a case of STATE SPONSORED OPPRESSION could it ?

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