Monday, 29 August 2011


It is sad that with all the recent strife and economic turmoil, at a time when we should be expanding rapidly our party is riven by dissent.

Expulsions and defections continue apace while financial disaster looms ever larger and our influence decreases.

I realise we may be getting some new members, but their numbers could and should have been far greater, and in any case can not replace the long standing committed activists who voluntarily or otherwise are falling by the wayside.

The disciplining of long standing patriots like the Wingfields on spurious grounds by the decent but ineffectual poodle Adam Walker and the non member installed in a position of high influence Patrick Harrington shows how much the talent of the party has diminished.

They are to be disciplined in effect for backing the challenger Andrew Brons in the leadership campaign, as is their right in a supposedly democratic party.

They could see the loss of councillors and falling membership and realised we need change if our nationalist cause is to again be a force for good.

We have reached the state when almost everyone of quality has gone, replaced by nonentities many of them with unsavoury histories or new to the party.

Yesterday in the party website an attack was made on ex members who foolishly in my opinion have joined or formed other parties. Some were alleged to be State agents. They are not.

I am sure we are being infiltrated by the State and the feeling this engenders causes members to be suspicious of other members, thus undermining our unity.

We must not allow this to happen while remaining alert. Judge people by their actions, not by hearsay allegations made by others. But opposing the present leadership does not mean they are State. These people have the best interests of nationalism at heart.

If we have infiltrators I am sure these people are near the top. Our party's downward trajectory has been as a result of poor decisions at the top and our concentrating on the wrong issues in the wrong way.
The people who wish our cause ill are still in place and are the cause of the strife.

Do not try to tell me that people such as the Wingfields, John Walker Arthur Kemp John Bean Richard Edmonds , long standing patriots are State assets. They are not. They like me have been told too many lies and had too many promises broken while kept in the dark about the true state of party affairs.
They have seen the rapid decline of our influence in the country and it is no good the leadership denying this latter fact.

Next month Andrew Brons will host a British National Party ideas conference where members can get together and plot the nationalist way forward.

Do we try to rejuvenate our party from within and try to reform its disasterous management?
I do not know the answer to that.
We have accumulated too many skeletons in our cupboard and now our party is a toxic brand with many who agree with our policies declining to vote for us.

I believe we have to in some way unite the various nationalist movements under a common umbrella and put aside past personal animosities for the future good.

I believe that those at present at the top of the party hierarchy must go. They have presided over the present decrease in our influence and strength.
Any State agents seeing the situation must be thinking "job done".

Far from the State becoming increasingly frightened of us they apart from the expected Panorama programme ignoring us and our movement.

We must renew our nationalist movement, unite and make sure that those against us can--

The time is right for us as a movement.

WE MUST SEIZE IT and stop squabbling among ourselves.


Andyj said...
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Perhaps it would be a good idea for the BNP to actually do something,because bring and buy sales just do not cut it.Frankly the "party" is a joke,because if this is the best that the English people can manage they may as well surrender and black up.Its only benefit is that it has given a jolly good laugh to the peoples of europe,and it is no surprize that the electorate regards it as absurd,for most committed nationalists think likewise,it has become ossified,visionless and more of a vicarige tea party than an organisation that pretends salvation for the English people,for most of its members retain a deep guilt complex that as the papers proclaim,makes them feel that they are doing something unsavoury,and discreditable,the same situation exists in what is left of the National Front,a dissagreeable uneasyness,a furtiveness,hiding in the shadows,almost sculking,unwilling to stand up and be counted in the pure light of day,for fear of social censure,oppression and ridicule,we do not have to be ashamed of what we wish to accomplish and the way forward can only emerge through courage and faith,and positive action out on the streets.

Andyj said...

Thanks for your input Englishman.

Now obviously you have a plan and are bursting at the seams to enlighten us.


We must all go to westminster,that is the English people,by the tens of thousands and occupy the buildings and surrounds,on a day the parliament is in session,and hold them there until our grievances are redressed.

Andyj said...

What will that do? A million jammed up London solid over starting the oil wars. Including every potential terrorist and lawless left wing dart thrower. What happened then, apart from absolutely nothing?

Andyj said...

Wrong Dr. Chris. It was removed on a salient point. The offending problem that Google flagged because of the enemies of the people... has been resolved

Silly Kuffar said...

Chris, I'm going to ban you.
Not to censor you but because your a SHIT STIRRER in regards to Wigan BNP and Wigan Nationalism in general.

So to anyone who may disagree with me..tough.

I prefer Morgan posting rather than Chris stirrer hill commenting.

Oh and Chris...

it was BUILDING 7 the BBC reported as collasping before it did.

So go to wherever you go and gob off there..YOUR BANNED.

MARTIN said...

Chris Hill,

Give it a rest, .........

Sadie " The Grass " Graham has !

Some, love storys are just not meant to be !!

Try - and join one of the other ego trolling gangs ! Just tell them you have more faces than the local Church tower.

MARTIN said...

So go to wherever you go and gob off there..YOUR BANNED.

1 September 2011 21:37

Hear, Hear !!

Trolls, not welcome !

MARTIN said...

Dr Chris Hill said...
Re The removed comment above.

More censorship I see. Are you not ashamed to claim you support freespeech?

1 September 2011 18:38

Dr Chris Hill... You are a shit shovlen troll, PLEASE, DECEASE AND continue posting on you UAF mates site, you are a Troll, f-off


OK then sit on your arse and do nothing but bitch.
"lead,follow or get out of the way"
Thomas Paine.

Andyj said...

Martin. On simple decency, stop that. Please.

Englishman, Thank you for your advice. I had no idea you had the answer.
And I was right.

Seem's big Boss NG and SD have been getting knocks on the door by court officials over £45k and £20K respectively. Ouch!

A lot of ex members would come back to the fold without the man in the middle who's demense he thinks it is. However, the people who spit out nasties all day (like Eddie Butler) with no answers and no advice will and should never serve the new party in any form.

The BNP served the people best when it was upward looking and positive.

Lanky Patriot said...


I agree with some of what you say but not your second suggestion of going in our thousands to London.

That would only cause disruption and hinder our cause, and because of the failure of the leadership we can not muster thousands in any case.

We must build up our strength locally and that is what under the present leadership we are not doing.
We are using the wrong tactics and the wrong issues to campaign on, but we need a coherant leadership and until we get one we have no chance.

I believe soon we will have a new clean nationalist movement which will unite the various nationalist strands in a common cause of what unites us rather than concentrating on our differences.

It will require some give and take but it is essential if we are to survive as a movement.

Andyj said...

We have an opportunity to look forward now NG faces being mortally wounded even each time he clutches onto the broken bottle of poison.

It's all upwards from here. first we make friends and speak the mind of the people. Maybe even stoop as low as the scum do, shun those ignorant sorts and make them feel like they are the weirdo's they are.

Nobody loves negativity. Lose it, please....