Sunday, 28 August 2011


A week ago I was in Germany, just north of Frankfurt, staying with friends.

I have been many times in the last 34 years and lived with this family that of a man who was a prisoner of war and who lived as a prisoner at my Grandfather's farm.
Over the years we have built a solid and friendly relationship with that family and there have been many visits in both directions since.

I feel privelidged to have been able to live with this family in their beautiful village, to speak with them and see how they live.
This is something the average tourist can not do. See the people as they are and discuss problems and world affairs with them.

So after a wonderful 6 days how do I feel?

In a word, depressed.

They are so far ahead of us in every aspect I sometimes despair if we can ever catch up.
They have a good standard of living, short working hours and a spirit of community that we lack.

Each little hamlet has its own football team and village hall supported by the community.Yes they have more land but I can't see them ever allowing local football pitches to be built on to solve a housing shortage caused by millions of extra immigrants.

Beat them in the World Cup? Forget it.

However at the end of WW2 the country was in ruins and they picked themselves up and rebuilt their country.
They did it because they believed in Germany, while our assets were creamed off by the city of London and sold abroad to the benefit of only the rich City men and bankers.

This sort of theft would never have been allowed in Germany.
Can you imagine Mercedes or BMW being sold off abroad as many of our great compaies have been? Never.

Thus they have retained their manufacturing industries nurtured by a government determined to help its country and the people have retained their partiotism. Most Germans buy German goods thus supporting their country.
Litter is unknown. The children are educated that despoilimg your own nest is unacceptable.

Do not think the Germans are dour and have no sense of fun. It is not so, and living with them you can see that it isn't. I have been to some of the best parties in my life there.

We can do the same with a patrotic attitude (and an improved education system).

The good news is that they think as we do, and they like us. They have their own problems with the Turkish immigrants which they do not like, but they do not have the PC dogma thrust down their throats all the time.
They do not have to suffer the obligatory black person in adverts, nor are they subjected to a multitude of alien announcers on the television.

BUT, they are our brothers. They are against alien immigrants (many support the NDP) and they will in future be our allies in our European struggle to save our continent.

We CAN do it. We CAN save and rebuild our country as the Germans did.

All we need is patriotism and belief in our nation to overcome the present multiculti infestation.

That is our job as nationalists, to promote this mindset.

I hope we are up to the challenge.

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