Monday, 5 September 2011


More on the newly appointed long standing activist who was appointed as Rochdale organiser amid much publicity in Salford last week.
It seems many in Rochdale have never heard of him.
Also I have heard that the Oldham organiser has been sacked (yes another).
I know people on the photo taken at that momentous meeting are also disillusioned with the way the party is going.

How do I get all this information? People ring me to tell me of their discontent.

Mike Whitby is going to have to take his small band round to many more towns for a photo opportunity if he is to be able to halt the downward spiral.
Note how the same people always seem to be on the photos.
Not much sign of a growing enthusiasm.

I believe we have a new organiser in Wigan & Leigh.
I wish him every success and I will certainly attend his meetings when he calls them.
He does not realise the thankless task he has at present but I wish him well.

We must keep a local spark glowing ready when the time comes to burst into flame as a credible force to save our country.

For now I await the results of developments which are taking place behind the scenes and I urge patriots not to give up.


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