Saturday, 10 September 2011


More on our new Rochdale organiser and "super activist" David O'Loughlin.
He may be a super activist and a good nationalist but he has one big drawback.

The people of Rochdale have never heard of him.
There is no record of him ever having taken part in any activism in Rochdale, which probably explains his inauguration to the public in Salford.

In spite of what the management of the Party says, if they can not find a person known to Rochdale to promote nationalism it is a sad reflection on the decline in the party's influence.

There are many nationalists in Rochdale and there is scope for many more, but this "unknown" man will find it more difficult to enthuse the people of that town than a veteran local activist.

They will have to do better than this to prevent the Griffinite ship from sinking.

All is not lost however. There are many in the wings waiting to take up the challenge of saving our country when we are rid of our present incompetent and financially bankrupt party, its present leader and his sychophantic accolytes

Do not lose faith.

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