Saturday, 10 September 2011


The anti Israel riots in Cairo could have been predicted as soon as Mubarak had been deposed in the so called "Arab Spring" in that country.
The uneasy peace between Egypt and Israel maintained by American arms to Israel and money to the Egyptian puppet leader have until now kept the pressure cooker contained.
Governments in the West welcomed a new democracy in Egypt just as they will welcome the downfall of Ghadaffi when eventually, aided by mainly British and French forces he is overthrown.

But what do these supposed intelligent politicians expect to replace these tyrranies? Democracy?

No. The inhabitants of these countries have no culture of democracy, like all other Arab countries. They are still mired in their medieval creed and are also tribal.

However whichever tribe they belong to they are united in their adherence to islam and a visceral hatred to the perceived and largely true injustice perpetrated on the Palestinians by the Western financed Jewish state.

Israel is of course much more democratic than any Arab state(not hard) even though it is not completely democratic and treats the indigenous Palestinians as second class citizens.

The Arabs have much greater numbers and think they can wipe Israel out.
If they do they are deluding themselves.

Israel, even without American help is a sophisticated society, populated by intelligent people with many scientists and can easily hold its own.

The Egyptian army is in effect a rabble, disorganised and ill led. However large it is it has no chance of resisting Israeli might.

Why do I mention these events?

Because they do not concern us and we should for once keep our nose out. Help neither side and leave them to it.

That way we will not incur the ire of the Arab countries or their sleepers in our country.

Israel would win any war and do not need us. If they did lose that would not matter so much to us. Muslims would not flock here as a result. so myself I would not care either way.

I would take the attitude of the countries which are now overtaking us in the economic stakes China, India and Russia and ignore the whole situation.

In the aftermath of any conflict we could be friendly with the winner to our economic advantage.

These views may not seem "ethical". They are not meant to be.
My view is what is best for Britain is paramount.

Blair and Cameron have hardly been "ethical" and their policies have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of people's deaths.

My ideas would not involve loss of life and they would help to ensure the survival of OUR people and the financial viability of OUR country, which I believe is more ethical than policies perpetrated by these so called "leaders"

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Andyj said...

I concur!
Wars are usually fought on a 'for profit' basis. So they should expect to win and in return expect all the Jews to become part of the muslim money taking machine.

That's not going to happen.