Friday, 9 September 2011


As people's thoughts hark back to the terrible terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York ten years ago we are told there is a severe and credible threat of another terrorist attack to mark this anniversary.

This threat may be real. It may be a hoax.
Either way the terrorists will have hit us just as they do every time we go through an airport with all the extra security, costs and time wasting involved.

After 10 years we are no safer than we were on that terrible day in spite of the millions spent worldwide in counter terrorism activities.

Yes Bin Laden has been killed as have many of his cohorts but as one lot is eliminated they sprout up like weeds in ever greater quantities.

Why is this?
Well the initial reason still prevails, the USA supported and still supports the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel.
This is because of the dominant influence of the Zionist lobby in America and its disproportunate financial clout. American presidents are afraid of bringing them to heel.

This could to a large degree be achieved by controlling the financial and other banking industries.
Regulate these parasitic industries even to the point of bankruptsy. The money in which they deal and lend out at excessive interest has to a large degree been created out of thin air and that interest is a drag on the living standards of the ordinary person.
This may seem to be a draconian solution but it could be done, and some sacrifices are necessary as in times of war to guarantee ourselves from tyranny of a military or financial kind.

Our country is controlled to a lesser extent by such people and their activities should be curbed.
Notably China and India are controlled by their own people. Perhaps that is one reason they are rapidly overtaking the West economically.

This is not to condone in any way the horror of 9/11 but that outrage and the wars that followed are as a consequence of the creation of the state of Israel and its aggressive expansionist policies.

BUT we are where we are. The question is how do we lessen the likelyhood of further outrages.

Not by bombing Afganistan, that's for sure. It only makes things worse.

WE must STOP any muslim immigration and encourage those here to return to regimes more congenial to their medieval thought processes.
We must punish any who are involved in any way with terrorism.
We must take it out on their families by expelling them, together with their friends and be prepared to protect ourselves from any disturbances this may cause by bringing the army home.

Although I am generally against the death penalty I believe that terrorists proved of murder should have suspended death sentences to be put into action immediately any further outrage occurs, and their bodies fed to pigs, as should the body parts of those killed by their own bombs.

All muslim prisoners should be kept in jails painted with pigs blood and be obliged to eat pig products or starve.

These means I believe would be a great disincentive to further atrocities with minimal loss of life, and perhaps save a few virgins having to face these ugly so called martyrs in Heaven.

I agree with Bush that we face a war on terrorism, but that war will have to be faced here because of the rapid increase of muslims allowed to set up house here.
It will not be fought in Afghanistan or Pakistan long distance with unmanned drones.
It will be fought here.
We must try to prevent it and if anything does kick off we must avoid the past stupidities of reassuring the muslim population ,and hit the miscreants hard.


We must keep our army up to strength and bring them home.

We may need them sooner than the idiots ruling us think.

Or is it all in the Common Purpose NWO plan to destroy us, our people and our land?

Sometimes it looks like it!.


Andyj said...

Since 9-11 the reasons for wanting the kuffar dead has multiplied manifold but as usual, the muslim is their own worst enemy. They would of eaten themselves up if it wasn't for the hand wringers, the oil, weapons, Western investments and people traders.

If complete cultural separation was maintained they would still be in their own little stoning age where they placed themselves.

Each passing year our western "leaders" dig themselves and us deeper into this mire while the public are becoming numbed and dumbed down to it all. Many are so terrified they are scared to even think about it.

The brainwashed and unthinking.... They have offspring; the ones who lack the irony of their thoughts. Attempts to link the mass killer in Norway to EDL and BNP when in fact the man was a part-Jewish Zionist who single-handedly attempted to end all the Labour party and their children from existence because it backed Palestine as a Nation.

But what about around 2040 when the surviving British Christian leaves these shores to return some 600 years later to bomb, bullet and bulldoze Britain back into British hands?

What happened in Palestine simply put... The Jews came home.

Lanky Patriot said...


I agree with your sentiments regarding muslims and the cowardice of our leaders in confronting this alien "faith"

However deluded as they are they are people and must live somewhere.
The muslims of Palestine have been there two thousand years and as a nationalist I have to accept their right of ownership of that terrtory, much as I dislike their creed.
Your argument that the Jews have come home is similar to those who say the English have no right to England as their forebears came across the sea a thousand years ago,an argument which I of course I reject.

My point in the blog was that until Israel adhered to UN resolutions regarding its expansionist policies in the West Bank settlements and the ghetto of Gaza there would never be peace.

I would be as the suicide bombers if I was deprived of my national heritage and expelled from my land.

Yes I know this is now occuring by stealth and that is why I am a nationalist, in order to fight this.

The fact that the Twin Towers were attacked was as a result of the USA sponsorship of this land theft.
That is not to condone it, just to understand the mindset of those who perpetrated it.

I don't like the muslims any more than you do and believe they should not be in our country, but we should dissociate ourselves from any support of Israel.

They are not there for us, just themselves and the Zionist NWO bankers at present holding too much power in the USA.

Andyj said...

Hi Lanky,
Yes, the Semites returned to a land where the people there were now strangers (Moses). They did live amongst them until the muslim hoardes said submit or die or leave. So the Jews left.

As goes the English bloodline. Did you know (and I was surprised) that 80% of the English are in fact Welsh Britons. Seems the four major invaders against the indigenous were nothing more than mafia who took over the tax regimes.

The muslim did not commit 9-11. If they did it was with help, they make good useful idiots.
The new (Jewish) owner was about to face ruin from the EPA over asbestos.
Half the accused who piloted the planes are still alive. The Beeb told us the Salomon building had fallen when it had not, at that point in time... It contained lots of 'secrets'.
Certain "friends" were warned not to go to work that day.
it opened up the bonds market for the loans to take Iraq.
Oh, I could go on forever but you get my drift.

Lanky Patriot said...


I can not agree that the twin towers were a Jewish conspiracy although there are certain aspects I do not know.
But then I am not usually into conspirisory theories in spite of my ignorance.
I do not want to argue that apart from saying it was an un necessary loss of life.
It seems strange to me that the pilots who were in the planes we all saw hit the twin towers are still alive.

BTW I had my Y chromosome tested and was told I was of Red Indian stock.

Must be some mistake as I can trace my male line to within two miles from here since 1602 and a direct ancestor gave Charles the Second a shilling as a voluntary contribution.

I will have to have another genetic test as I don't believe this.

Also I suffer a little from the "Scandinavian affliction", Dupytren's contracture of my hands (Margaret Thatcher had it).
It is almost unknown in those not of Scandinavian decent and I only have a mild form.
I am like Thatcher, a bit tight with money so it does make a bit of sense, although I am far from her in politics.

Lanky Patriot said...

Where do you get the idea that Andyj edits this blog?
He does not and his posts, although I do not agree with every one are logical and do not keep harping on about the same things.

There will indeed be underhand conspiracies out there as there are infiltrators in our party, and many of them have a logic to them, even though I can not accept them in there entirety until proved.

The Kennedy conspiracy, I don't know although there are strange aspects in the aftermath as even you must accept.

The holocaust was not a conspiracy and many died. The only disagreement were on the numbers which however many or few were unacceptible.

That the numbers WERE exagerated for propaganda is possible and the ethnicity of those killed, but given the Jewish influence in the media and Hollywood and their suffering in Germany is undersandable.

What is unacceptible that of all the atrocities of the 20th century that alone is not allowed to be questioned which in itself makes it at least in part suspect.

BTW, To read about a TRUE conspiracy, that of Global Warming get Christopher Booker's book "The Real Global Warming Disaster" and see the deceit and dirty tricks in place that will before long reduce us to a third world state if not halted.

Lanky Patriot said...

OK Chris. Apologies accepted.

BTW I noticed as I'm sure you have that energy prices have gone up, in part because of our government's interests in global warming.
I hope you are happy to pay this extra to save the planet.

I'm not greatly concerned as my power bills are small as I heat my house on wood waste.

However I will think of you as I relax in my warm house, knowing that it costs me nothing while the global warmists are paying for their beliefs.

Unfortunately many people are not in my happy position and have to pay for the folly (or conspiracy) in which you believe.

Dr Chris Hill said...
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Silly Kuffar said...

Charles -

I've banned Chris Hill and have told you so which you accepted.
Please don't continue to post his oddball comments.