Thursday, 22 September 2011


Two men were executed yesterday for murder in the USA.
One case well known and publicised in the media was Troy Davis was executed in Georgia.
There was a vociferous campaign against this execution but in spite of many appeals he was still found guilty.

Another man, not so well publicised was also executed on the same day.
No media tears for him.
His name Lawrence Brewer a white man and alleged member of the KKK who had killed a black man.

Now I, unlike many in the BNP am against the death penalty and thus oppose both of thease judicial killings, BUT why the difference in the publicity.
Many of those vociferously opposing Davis's execution do it on the grounds that they are against the death penalty and I can as I said sympathise with that.

But what about Lawrence Brewer?. Is his death less of a "crime" just because he is white and an alleged member of the KKK? Is the life of a black murderer of more import than that of a white murderer?

Was the campaign to save Davis "because he was black"?

Was the silence over Brewer because he was white?

It seems so.

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