Thursday, 22 September 2011


Is David Cameron completely round the twist.

Fresh from his not yet achieved victory against Gadaffi he is spouting about tackling other regimes he does not like.

Who does he think he is?
Does he not realise that we are broke with the FTSE dropping 5% just today and the world predicted to be close to economic catastrophe?
Has he forgotten that he has downsized our forces and left us without aircraft carriers and planes to fly from them?
Does he not even yet see the costs of his and Blair's interference in other countries business has cost us not only the lives of many soldiers and the maiming of many more?
Does he not see the costs of combatting the terrorism which these escapades have encouraged?

Does he not realise that the British electorate wish him to extricate us from the costly mistake which is the EU, and that we do not want war which does not concern us.

He talks about sanctions, military and economic against dictatorships in the interests of democratic rights.
He even mentions Syria, China and Russia. Jesus wept!
He must be out of his mind but while he is mad and elated at his victory over a thinly populated Libya and the wind in his sails, what about North Korea, Pakistan and Israel?
Will he tacke them? I doubt it.

The UN is a toothless tiger and would never unite in common cause in any conflict or measures against any of the above countries, so it would just be the USA and its poodle Britain.
We had difficulty in getting the go ahead even in little Libya and even the other countries of the EU were not persuaded.

He is basically a soft public schoolboy (tennis player says it all) trying to look tough. Unfortunately this attempt is at the expense of the lives and livelyhoods of other people.

So Mr Cameron, its time you realised that our country, thanks to you and your predecessor is as weak as the average toff and in no position to talk tough.

You should mind your own business and look after our country.

Let's have some justice and democracy here!

That is supposed to be your job.

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