Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Three months too late and thanks to John Walker I heard the recording of the EGM held in St Helens (not Wigan) and I am indeed shocked at the antics of the Chairman and his sycophantic acolytes.
I was unfortunately on holiday at the time and thus unable to attend, although I was kept in touch by local activists.

Although I had heard some details I had not realised the depths to which the chairman had sunk to get his way and protect his job and the finances of his family.
The meeting was a travesty of the democratic process with the chairman exerting his absolute power and bringing his proxy votes in on a vote on a resolution which had been formulated the night before, which overrode the will of the attendees at the meeting.

The people giving those proxy votes did not know on what they were voting, having given those votes before the resolution was formulated.
Sensible points from the floor from Arthur Kemp, Andrew Brons and Richard Edmonds were swept aside by this undemocratic and unfair system of voting, and from the tape it seems that even those present were only given the options of voting for the least bad motion rather than the one they wanted.

The motions carried (with the aid of proxy votes) contradicted the will of the party as expressed by previous conferences and meetings. The will of the Party activists was cast aside by those who had no idea of the issues, but were voting members who foolishly gave their mandate to the chairman, having no knowledge of Party matters apart from the untrue and biased propaganda fed to them by the party machine.

The whole meeting was a charade, a pretence of democracy worthy only of a Stalinist state.
Our party is supposed to stand for democracy in Britain, but it seems that principle is not allowed in the running of the party itself.

The way the motions were manipulated was a disgrace and a banana republic would have been more honest.

No wonder membership and donations are haemorrhaging (in spite of what they would have us believe).
Formerly I believed Nick Griffin was God but now I see him as a cheat who has abused my faith in him and the faith of his followers.
He has also done the cause of Nationalism great harm and thus harmed our country and people.
For what?

I can only assume it is for his own financial gain, that is the least damaging interpretation I can put on it. One could imagine other motives of which I will not speak(yet).
The Party owes me £5000 which I loaned them before the Euro elections and which I have requested is returned without receiving a reply.

Will I continue to support nationalism? YES all the time.

Will I continue to support a party ( the BNP)run by a liar and a cheat who has used every devious method in the book to consolidate his position at the cost of bringing the party down?


But all is not lost, as with the demise of the present set up moves are afoot to resurrect a clean honest and ELECTABLE Nationalist party which with common sense will gain strength, following and influence and work to save our country, freed from the self aggrandisement and avarice which now invests what I once was proud to call my party.


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