Wednesday, 21 September 2011


The news today that Government debt in August rose to record levels does not surprise me, even though the recent financial disasters seem to have surprised the "experts".
One reason given for this is that the government tax take has been less than expected. Taxes may have to rise it is said or QE (printing money).
All this rubbish shows how incompetent those in power are.

One thing I agree with Vince Cable about is that we are entering the financial equivalent of a war.
So how do we get this ever increasing debt burden reduced? It is so obvious.

Spend less.

Now that does not mean cutting essential services nor pushing people into poverty It just means spending on things and goods which give us a return.

Thus the money wasted on "Human Rights" could be stopped. Gypsies could be ejected from their illegal sites without vast expenditure. Illegal immigrants, especially those who have committed criminal acts could be instantly deported and the doors closed to ALL further immigration.
Legal aid and translation services for foreigners could be STOPPED as could all benefits and medical treatment.
Foreign wars should cease.
The EU should be exited.
Spending on non essential council and government services should be stopped.
Equalities legislation should be abolished.
The Global Warming scam should be ignored, reducing fuel prices and the burden it places on our industries.
Foreign aid should be STOPPED.

A recent survey showed that the per capita GDP in Britain was lower than other Western countries. That does not mean that the average worker does not work as hard or is more unproductive than his foreign counterparts. It just means that there are too many useless jobs which we could do without but which are paid for out of the productive workers on whom our national wellbeing depends.

I was recently in Germany, a country with a high standard of living and contrary to what we are told they do not work harder. They just have to carry fewer government paid parasites and thus more of their national effort goes into productive work.
They also have little vandalism and a patriotic outlook and buy German products when possible, creating a virtuous circle of industry and prosperity.

There are far too many non essential positions whose absence we would not miss. We could have the same standard of living with less work if that work had a tangible benefit.

I believe the government should thus take the measures outlined above and kick start the economy by large infrastructure projects, transport, construction, sea defences etc which would with a multiplier effect create millions of jobs (and a larger tax take).
Our coal industry could be resurrected and our power generation brought back under British NATIONAL ownership.

We would also get something back for our money in an improved environment, unlike the many PC jobs which are a cost with no return.

Will they implement some or any of these proposals? Not yet, but they will have to do something when the Euro goes down and the s**t really does hit the fan.

I am thus pessimistic in the short term but in the long term I am guardedly optimistic as even the ignorant unscientific morons now in control will be forced to do the right thing by our country and people, but I hope it will not be too late.

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