Tuesday, 20 September 2011


The shambles at the attempted eviction of the "travellers" from the illegal Dale Farm site says much about what's wrong with our society.

Like many of those groups who seem to have preference in our society they want it both ways.
They want and are given ethnic minority status, in itself a scam perpetrated by the equality industry which far from promoting equality gives these groups preference.
Hardly equality.
They are not even an identifiable ethnic group. They are a bunch of Irish people, who in their wish to benefit from a tax free life roam OUR countryside doing jobs cash in hand.
They are also non travelling travellers, who it seems do not want to travel but to settle down in permanent houses, a contradiction I think. In any case for people whose way of life is travelling it is strange and ironic that they own valuable properties in Ireland.

Whe I went to Ireland 35 years ago there were many travellers there who occupied various bits of unused land. Each different group had a speciality. Some of these untidy encampments specialised in wheels, others in machinery and others in scrap iron etc, a difficult thing to do if you are travelling.

Nowadays there is little evidence of travellers infesting Ireland. The Irish government became fed up with them and legislated against them and that country became a lot tidier as a result, but the trash which inhabited them came to Britain.

Now we have a plague in our land, unwanted by 99% of the people, fed up of the filth left behind when they do travel and are moved on and the thieving which occurs when they are in the vicinity.
Local people are threatened with violence when they protest.

The main reason that this has become a problem apart from idiotic PC laws giving them preference is the indolence of local authorities.
The travellers know the law, even though they do not abide by it. They set up camp on playing fields on a Friday night knowing that no one from the local authority will be on duty to eject them until Monday and that they will be given notice at great cost in legal fees (to the council)

Afterwards when they have moved on the local authority is faced with the filth they have left behind and must pay extra bonuses to workers to clean it up.

The farce at Dale Farm and the alleged 10 million it has so far cost is down to incompetence and lawyers fat fees.
The council should have gone in hard quickly and stopped this unauthorised camp and bulldozed the buildings. Electricity and water should have been cut off (do they pay for this?).

Even this week the council gave notice of the time the bailiffs were to go in, giving the pikeys time to prepare and to invite the scum of the earth to assist them.
If they had gone in sooner as soon as the order had been given it would have all been over now.

I have been involved twice with the stopping of illegal travellers and know of others.
The way to get them off, within hours is to go in hard and let them know that they will not see the night out on that field. When they see you mean business they move off quickly, but then the local authorities are too indolent and PC and thus we the taxpayers are left with astronomic bills.

I believe this rabble should have their vehicles confiscated to pay for the costs of their removal and this would be a deterrant to other such scum from trying these tactics elsewhere.
AND if thay really need somewhere to park their caravans I am sure that wealthy communists such as Vanessa Redgrave have land to where they could be relocated.


Anarchists by definition believe in the law. They are however keen to use it at the slightist opportunity to protest at (police brutality) again having it both ways.
If you want the protection of the law you should abide by it.
If you, being an anarchist and thus not believing in the law ,you in my opinion put yourself outside the law and anything you get you have brought on yourselves.

So they should all be arrested and locked up for aiding an illegal act and their dole stopped as they have no intention of working.

The above is just an isolated if large incident of similar ones all over the country.
Think how much money could be saved if the authorities acted.

Some local communities have acted directly and stopped this scourge.
They have shown how it can be done.

Now it's up to the councils.

P.S Remember Codnor? We were only allowed six caravans on a field over a mile from the village for our RWB weekend fest. Any more and the police would have moved in immediately.
We were not even allowed to have an unamplified guitar solo 600 yards from the next building and the country lane.The police and council officials came in at 10 pm and stopped it.


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