Thursday, 25 August 2011


I have always said I would never attack the British National Party and nor will I now.
However what I thought was the BNP it seems is no more.

Good hard working activists and patriots are being sacked from their employment on spurious grounds for basically backing the condender for leadership Andrew Brons.
Our party which was supposed to stand for democracy has now become a dictatorship and is haemorrhaging activists and members at an unprecedented rate.
The people leaving are the best and very soon the party will be left with a rump of unelectable puppets dancing according to the strings of the puppet master Nick Griffin.

At one time I thought he was God and would hear nothing against him. Admittedly there were some of his actions I did not like but I put them aside in the interests of party progress and unity.

However my opinion of our chairman has changed. I have seen the light and through his deceit.

I have been asked why have I gone round from being a keen loyalist of the chairman to being so anti at present.

My reply is that I feel betrayed. It is as if a good friend has deceived me and made me feel foolish for my belief in him when warned about him by others.

My reasons for "seeing the light" are as follows.

At the annual meeting last December in Leicester a motion was passed almost unanimously to have a more democratic party with decisions taken by the members rather than by the chairman. This I learnt a couple of months later would not come to pass as there were "problems" with it. As yet I have been unable to see any problems and feel that the chairman has unilaterally decided to ignore or at least put obsticles in the way of our democratic decision.
This has been confirmed by Arthur Kemp.

Later the chairman renaged on his promise to stand down and now says he will not do so and having won in the leadership election intends to serve another four years.

Three years ago at Codnor it was agreed that the party would have a leadership contest every year if members wished it.
This was changed at the EGM by the chairman using the deceitful measure of proxy votes for the first time in party history , which gave him the opportunity to get his wishes.

I thus feel that I can no longer trust anything the chairman says. It is obvious he is putting his own interests before that of the party and country.
He must know he is unelectible but still clings to power in his rapidly waning party.
It is as if he wishes to bring the party and Nationalism down with him.

However my political opinions have not changed.
I still believe in the nationalist priciples espoused by the party but I object to the dictatorship it has now become.
I am not therefore attacking the party, just the present leadership which is leading the party to disaster. It will not survive long as a credible force in politics if it does not get its act together and

I know under the present leadership clique, devoid of talent we will get nowhere. We are thus wasting our time flogging this dead horse and the sooner it is put out of its misery the sooner competent and unsullied nationalists can resurrect our cause.

I was never in this movement for personal gain, only for my country and believe those who through incompetence, avarice or ignorance betray our cause and country.

I also believe soon a new movement will soon arise which will follow the principles on which our party was built. We need it quickly considering the state our country is in--



Anonymous said...

A good article Wigan Patriot.

Nick Griffin is destroying the British National Party by his presence and I think it's gone to far now to be saved.

I am undecided as to whether a new party can succeed as those that should be leading now seem to be dragging their heels in the hope that this corpse can somehow be revived.

I look at what Jim has achieved in just a few weeks with Britain First and am becoming more convinced by the day that they are the future now, a professional outfit run by competent people who aren't just talking the talk but walking the walk.

Maybe the answer is a new party that works along side Britain First and BF stays as a campaign organisation to raise awareness of nationalist issues, the thing is though, I can't help feeling that if Britain First becomes a political party then with their professionalism that they would do the job so much better than the Brons camp.

I wonder if Andrews camp would just throw their lot in with Britain First and all work together for the greater good..... decisions, decisions.

I really hope this mess, caused by one man (Nick Griffin) can sort it's self out so that we can all get back to doing what we set out to do in the first place and that is to save our country from the hell that is just around the corner now.


Lanky Patriot said...

Chris, this blog does not censor comments. I have been on holiday for two weeks and have not been able to moderate (not censor, there is a differnce)comments.

Lanky Patriot said...

Corsham Crusader.

Like you I do not reaaly know whether a new party can succeed or who would lead it.

Britain First seems a good and efficient vehicle run by competent people.
The trouble to my mind is that there are many nationalists who possibly for personal reasons do not like Jim Dowson, which is a pity as if we are to be successful we all have to unite.

It seems from the BNP ideas website that Andrew has been in Australia but there will I'm told be a conference at the end of next month under Andrew's leadership to discuss a way forward.

Possibly Andrew has reasons to be cautious.
The point of the meeting it is said is to allow all attendees to have their input into the final decision, but I for one would support a union of the two groups.

Silly Kuffar said...

@Chris Hill.

Maybe you should remember which article you commented on.

It was published with a reply from me.

Arcarnus said...

Wigan Patriot, you are not alone. Down here in the South West we have formed an unofficial "disillusioned nationalist support group" for our region. Can we link with you? With your permission - and only with your permission - I would like to post your article "Why I am disillusioned..." on our website, together with a link to your site. Our website is on: and we can be reached by email on: I would like to think we have much in common, and maybe other regions might get in touch too? Very Best Wishes to You, Arcarnus.

Lanky Patriot said...


Yes you can certainly publish anything I have said on our blog and link with my blog.

I speak to many good nationalists from all over the country and there is a hunger for a decent true nationalist party which is run in the interests of our country rather to fill the pockets of the leaders.

I and my wife will be going to Andrew Brons's meeting on 24th September in the hope that a new clean grouping can be formed devoid of all the deceit perpetrated by the present leadershp cabal.
This is the only way I believe we can build a credible movement which can hopefully save our country.

We must find a way for all the nationalist groups to bury their slight doctrinal differences and unite in the cause in which we all believe, our country and culture.

I shall look at your website and put it into my favourites.

Charles Mather, ex Wigan & Leigh organiser.