Friday, 26 August 2011


A casual reading of the news of the recent riots reveals that although there were some white looters especially in Salford the majority were black.

However the media and especially the BBC have been at pains to stress white involvement including a piece on "Newsnight" last night on the Salford riots, where the majority were white.

One wonders why Salford was picked for a case study when it was the only area where the perpetrators were white.
Was it to show that as a rule the white underclass was as bad as the alien black underclass and to demonstrate that lack of opportunities was the major cause rather than the different moral codes lived by the blacks?

If generally whites are as great a danger to normality in our towns ,it is strange that as reported yesterday the police swooped on suspected trouble makers in the run up to the Notting Hill Carnival.
If blacks really were so peaceful why the need for precautions before a "celebration" of black culture and diversity.
The propaganda in the media is not reflected in the percautions the police feel impelled to take.

I have heard that there are notorious areas where the police fear to tread but are not allowed so to do by their superiors for fear of provoking further rioting (fact not rumour)
The notorious predominently black Broadwater Farm estate in London is one place among several in London they avoid.

The fact that in our country there are "no go areas" out of bounds to our law enforcement officers is a disgrace.

The fact that these areas are and will increase in area and size is a disaster for our future.

The police should go in hard and put the fear of God into these rabble, but they wont.

That would be too politically incorrect and waycist, and thus a civilised culture is being eaten away and replaced by the culture of the jungle in which this dross excels and in which they feel at home.

Would that these feral animals return to their roots in Africa.

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