Monday, 15 August 2011


Just got back from a holiday on the unenriched Norfolk Broads. People all friendly and willing to help with our unskilled boat abilities, a microcosm of what England was.
I have been watching the news as everybody else with horror but unable to comment being without a broadband connection.

I spoke with two young lads last Sunday night, one being my step grandson after the riots had started and copycat disturbances had begun and forecast where any others may occur.

I told them they would be in areas containing a significant number of Afro Carribean people and that muslim towns such as Blackburn and Burnley would be little effected.

So it turned out.

The reason? Afros are at the bottom of the pile and resent Asians who they attack. Asians are cleverer and are higher in any society than Aficans. That's why they were expelled from East Africa by people such as Idi Amin.

In every society Afros are at the bottom of the heap and resort to blaming others for their situation.
It's no good blaming the rest of the world for their situation, they are an underclas whichever continent they live on.
Yes I know they are good athletes . They are fast and strong but so is a horse which creature like them is deficient in Nobel Prizes.
They are dangerous and violent and will use their mob violence to riot and steal that which they can not and will not in any great number obtain by their own intellect.

They, as a group are in effect unfitted for modern society. They just can't compete and whatever is done by way of positive discrimination (discrimination against whites) they will always be an underclass.

Unfortunately we have among us our own underclass, living side by side with these people , failed by our education and society, created by the "liberal elite" who are contaminated by this feral alien way of life and adopt their ways.
David Starkey was right. It is like an infection.
Whether this destruction of our society by the "do gooders" is accidental or deliberate is open to question.

What I do know is that the situation with this hierarchy will never change.

Blacks always DEMAND respect. You must not "diss"(disrespect) a black man.
Respect must be earned and the fact is that few of them have earned any respect.
Go into a black area and you feel intimidated, even wooly headed liberals admit to being uneasy when surrounded by large groups of blacks.

I don't like the muslim religion but neither do the blacks, but much as I dislike their presence you never feel intimidated by them. Muslims if not African are clever and thus dangerous and they often build businesses either by hard work or undercover nefarious means and thus vandalism hurts them.

What to do?

Theft and violence costs people and businesses money. They thus owe society and businesses recompense for the damage.
1 I believe all looters should have ALL their belongings confiscated and sold (alright let them keep a matress and a kettle) to pay for the damage. They should not be allowed to have any of the modern gadjets such as televisions and mobile phones until the debt is paid. They should be made to watch as their goods are sold to rub it in.

2 The ringleaders should serve their jail sentences in chain gangs doing menial jobs in full view of their peers and the public, which would take away the respect they so crave.

3 All benefits should be stopped. Food would come from food kitchens and cast off clothing should be provided for those not in jail. They like bling, so make them look shabby and worthless which in effect they are.

4 In future police should go in hard against any theft, arson or looting, and should again call itself the Police FORCE, rather than "service".


The army should be brought in. I do not want to see our soldiers on our streets. Our boys are to defend us against foreign dangers. If they start being used on our streets it is a slippery slope to the state trying to use them against our own people. We will need the army on our side in future.

I do not believe people should be kicked out of their houses. They have to live somewhere. Perhaps they could be forced into cramped accomodation with other families in inferior houses, but out on the street, no.

I DO BELIEVE THAT JAILS SHOULD BE HARSH. Thugs should not have amenities which are often denied to working people.

These are my immediate thoughts on the disturbances of last week, which are basically see what these rioters value most and deprive them of it.

There are many other issues concerning our present broken society, illegal immigration, asylum muslim influence, poor education, rape of our industries by global capitalism and graft at the highest levels and lack of employment opportunities for ENGLISH people but I will talk about them another time.

I was sickened by the media praise for Sikh and muslim vigilanties but their condemnation of whites who wished to protect their areas, these latter portrayed as extremists.

The police in Manchester seek to blame "right wing whites" (that's us folks) as complicit in the violence. So black rioters are the poor oppressed while the white trash looters are right wing?


ALL PATROTS CONDEMN THIS LOOTING VIOLENCE AND ARSON whoever commits it and believe the perpetrators should be punished, but whites protecting their areas are just as virtuous as Sikhs protecting theirs.




So once you have implemented all your policies ,who will the administration come after?all of those they consider a greater threat to thier agenda,the politically active members of the English population who oppose turning our country into a world zoo,problem ,reaction,solution,with attitudes like this ,the English will forge thier own chains,the criminal sty of westminster will beam with delight at thus being "democratically empowered"to visit its communist agenda upon us with gay abandon,true we can not allow this to continue,but until the English people see that thier interests are best served by presenting a united front ,we will be further disenfranchised from our rights to be an homogenous English nation,we must not play into the eussr`s hands.

Lanky Patriot said...

They are not "all my policies", just a means to stop rioting, vandalism and arson.

I know the corrupt State will try to use any means to attack English people but the number in sympathy with our policies has grown as a result of the riots.
People realise the multiculti experiment has not worked.

Most people are against immigration and have been for a time but they did not vote for nationalist parties las time.

Our tactics were wrong and it's no use carrying on with them.

We spend too much time navel gazing and not enough time concentrating on matters which will connect with the electorate and get them to vote for us.

Our leadership has failed us.

We must unite in common cause to succeed. I think we can do it.

The time is right, we just need good leadership and sensible policies which are VOTE WINNERS.


Just a figure of speech,lanky