Sunday, 7 August 2011

Here we go again. Riots in Tottenham, a richly diverse part of a richly diverse part of London.

Accepted, two days ago a man was shot by the police supposedly for firing at them. This could be or not be so, but that is no excuse for a riot.
The police operation on which this death occured was they tell us an operation against the gun crime which is prevelent in the black areas of London.

At this stage we are unable to ascertain whose story is rigtht but I am inclined to believe the police version.
Whatever, it was no excuse for the violence and LOOTING which took place last night.
It is a fact that looting is a regular occurrence in "Afro"areas as are civil disturbances. These alien invaders are gradually destroying our country and as their numbers spread to more civilised areas so these disturbances will spread. It is jungle law there although none of the news media has the guts to say it like it is.

An interesting phenomenon in my opinion. Disturbances in muslim areas do not as a rule end in looting.
Why is that? I think because many of the businesses in muslim areas are muslim owned whereas those of Afican stock own few businesses.

They always have a grudge against the more successful in society, their greater wealth and prosperity. They blame everybody but themselves.
Many are unemployed and unemployable and the problem will not go away.

Can you imagine such scenes in a wholly British town? Never.

These people from Afrrica bring their primitive ways into our midst.
Muslims bring their primitive medieval faith here.

What will our pleasant "green and pleasant land" be like in a few years I prefer not to think about.

The poiticians who have inflicted this rabble on our country have a lot to answer for.

The benefits of "diversity" and"vibrancy" are being visited on an innocent native population.

Someday our people will say "enough is eough"



poppy said...

we have to thank our successive governments for thier failed multicuralism policies


The only response will be extra long tongues for the police,to go with the running shoes that are issued for every muslim demonstration,the English do not behave in this manner because they built it,paid for it and maintained it,perhaps they should start ,since everything that we once had has been stolen from us,we really have nothing left to loose.

Silly Kuffar said...

Yes Chris.
Your getting boringly repetitive and I'm considering banning you.
It's only through Charles your still able to comment.
And Charles is beginning to see Morgs point of view and his attitude to you.
Think on.

britbaz said...

Very good posting Lanky...multiculturalism has shown to have failed and we havn't seen the end of the violence. Silly Kuffar I am disappointed at attitude to restrict Chris Hills comments.Even if you disagree dont you believe in freedom of speech

Andyj said...

The cretin wielded a gun in public so should expect to be shot dead and I'm certain a lot of people around the UK on the quiet wished the cops would shoot dead everyone breaking the law in those area's.

If the man who had the gun was said to be a "white supremacist far right activist" they would be celebrating in the streets.

100% CO2 on Mars.. So it must be cosy and warm!
If only we could send our unwanted scum of the Earth there with scrubbed birth certificates and deleted NI numbers then the only windows they can smash or fires they make will end their lives..

Have you noticed one shop that was burned down with 26 flats above? All had fairly white people living in it?

Chris your sources... All follow the money. It's August, 16C outside and its poo. Note our recent weather and compare it with this:

Clear as crystal and utterly inarguable.

Silly Kuffar said...

@ Baz -

I do believe in freedom of speech..but Chris Hill is using our blog to further his own political agenda and talks complete nonsense.

He actually believes in Global Warming and would be happy for us to pay more taxes for the carbon credit scam.

Can you point out anything intersting or relevant that he has said on the comments section of this blog ?

He likes to go OFF topic quite a lot too.

This is not about freedom of speech but some sad ex BNPer with an axe to grind and he uses our blog to grind it on.
I won't wear it much longer and Morg had the right idea about him.

Silly Kuffar said...

@ Chris Hill

Have we spat our dummy out and gone running to tell mummy ?

Grow up Chris, that's why I threatened to ban you and your childish irrelevant comments.

Silly Kuffar.