Tuesday, 9 August 2011


The joys of DIVERSITY can be seen spreading across England in the form of RIOTERS, THIEVES, LOOTERS and ARSONISTS.
The looters are 99% non indigenous and have no qualms burning down our towns and cities.
The Black RACIST Darcus Howe blames the British for being RACIST and harks back to the 1980s, and therefore deserve everything the ENRICHERS can throw at us.
Their "COMMUNITY LEADERS" (I wonder who our community leaders are ?) are trying to make out that their youth are disenfranchised and have no job prospects due to unemployment.
Well, their are many more indigenous youth unemployed yet I don't see the ENGLISH rioting, looting, thieving and burning their countrys towns and cities down.
Is this the JOYS OF DIVERSITY and MULTICULTURALISM which the TRAITORS are forever telling us we need ?
We really needed our country enriched to the point that immigrants, who have no roots here and don't see themselves as BRITISH, they are fond of reminding us that they are, as the black RACIST Darcus Howe reminded us today, AFRO-CARRIBEAN, are willing to burn and destroy anything that is not theirs?
He doesn't call himself BLACK BRITISH, unless he uses it in a RACIST way to belittle the INDIGENOUS BRITISH.
We must thank our ENRICHERS for showing us how much we have been missing LOOTING, RIOTING, THIEVING and ARSON.
How did we manage without DIVERSITY for 1000s of years?



Now we have reached the stage where there is complete denial that these are indeed race riots,there are now so many elephants in this room it is becoming immpossible to move,if you state that this is the vibrant invader flexing its muscles,your comment instantly disappears.

Andyj said...

Oh the irony.

No fear of retribution by the people and the state but a little rain stops play.

So where are our emergency fire fighting aircraft? One big scoop of sea water, sewage or what have they and that will put their fires out.