Friday, 5 August 2011


David Cameron, to show his touchy feely credentials has as we all know increase foreign aid.
We also heard yesterday how that aid is being mis appropriated in Ethiopia whith government troops thieving what little aid actually gets through.

On television last night we saw green areas in that country, giving the lie to stories that there is desert everywhere.
We also saw the large families who depend on these handouts.

Not stated are the large salaries paid to those who administer these funds.

This sort of corruption is ubiquitous in most if not all recipient countries.

Similarly many private charities who, aided by pictures of starving children solicit funds from a gullible public pay the administrators vast salaries, and can afford expensive adverts on television.

I have no objection to people who are stupid enough to fall for these cons. They deserve to lose their money.

BUT I DO OBJECT to Cameron donating money out of our taxes to fund foreign despots.
I did not agree to this forceable charity giving.

He is wealthy himself as are many of his non dom Tory donors.
If they feel so bad about the poor of Africa they should give themselves, rather than cut the benefits and increase the taxes of those poorer than themselves to salvage their conciences.

I donate to charities but these are close to home.

If you want to give to others Mr Cameron give the money yourself or ask your rich friends, many of whom have made their money out of us in the parasitical banking industry.

A poll in today's "Telegraph" shows that 67% of respondants believes that foreign aid should be curtailed.


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