Thursday, 4 August 2011


Just two of the gang which killed the young lad in South London.

What an advert for diversity! It's difficult to tell them apart but obvious that they are animals more suited to the jungle than in civilised society.
There are other pictures but these two portray enough ugliness and animal like actions to make any more superfluous. and more pictures could put you off your evening meal. They all look the same anyhow, somehow sub human.

These are the types of animals? we are expected to welcome to our civilised society.

I know we have many "bad uns" amongst out people but none who exhibit the animal like gang violence used by these things.

We should not have had to put up with this kind of jungle pondlife, but the woolly headed liberals and the globalist capitalist thieves have planted them here in our until now unsullied soil.

They are as weeds more destructive of our country as Japanese knotweed or the plague.

How can we rid ourselves of this scum and their ilk? I don't know as yet but SOMEDAY we will cleanse our country of this alien plague.


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