Friday, 15 July 2011


I yield to nobody in my admiration of the hard work, dedication and patriotism of Salford BNP.
However today they have been instigating a massive spamming exercise on the Democracy Forum, fulsom in praise of Nick Griffin.

All the lads (and lasses) there are good people but I believe misguided in their unqualified support for our present leader and their ignoring of his deficiencies.
Why this sudden barrage of support for their embattled leader?
Why does the branch or person speaking for it purport to speak for all its members?

Our blog is independent and thus able to say things as we see them.
We may not always agree but at least we speak freely.

It seems Salford have become a mouthpiece for the Griffinite poodle Mike Whitby who seems to spend his time spamming in support of Griffin.

When I receive these letters I answer them and spread them to those in my address book and in doing so have persuaded several undecided people to back Andrew Brons for leadership

It will be interesting if after this to see if I receive any more of Mike Whitby's drivel.

If I do I shall rebut his statements.

If I don't and others do I will broadcast the fact that he has ceased to communicate with me for fear of me winning the argument.(again)

I know this may not seem to be fair as I can beat him any time but the stakes are high, not only for our party but our people and we must rid ourselves of our present incompetent leadership and get a new clean image.
Our present leadership is dragging us down.

How do I come to that conclusion?

Because in one ward in Salford our (good ) candidate was unfortunately beaten by the English Democrats at the last local elections from a standing start.

That should have told them something but alas it did not and they are still following the proven failed leader in a downward spiral.

They have so much energy and dedication think what they could achieve if we had a better leader who was respected by the electorate and whom they were prepared to vote for.

The people are crying out for a clean honest nationalist alternative to the present major parties and we are missing this support.

I hope they will soon remove the blinkers from their eyes and see the light.

It is sad that so much work is to no avail.


Peter said...

Agreed on all your points Wigan Patriot. Its interesting also that on the BNP website they are currently using Liverpool's Paul Ainscough as a propaganda tool at the Salford Hustings stating that local businessmen are now supporting the BNP. I doubt this very much as we have seen what Griffin has done to local businesses by defaulting on payments to them and bankrupting most of them who dealt with the BNP.

Paul Ainscough is a great guy but as he was never a BNP member and has always been a "BNP supporter" one wonders how he was ever able to make it into the Salford Hustings meeting. I rather suspect Griffin has again been bending the rules to suit his own purpose and ends again.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Lanky Patriot said in today post:

"I hope they will soon remove the blinkers from their eyes and see the light."

Taken directly from a posting I made on the Lancaster blog in Jan 2008:

"Griffin has no interests in advancing the cause of the British nation, his only concern is Nick Griffin. It is our duty to demonstrate this to our grass-roots membership, because if we fail our cause may be lost!"

Today I say:
Well said Lanky Patriot, but its well said three and a half years too late!