Thursday, 14 July 2011


The frenzy over the media hacking scandle goes on and is the hot topic at present taking precedence over our serious debt problems and unjust wars.

Why is this?

The reason is that the major parties have at last an opportunity to collectively attack Rupert Murdoch and his over powerful media group.
Previously they feared to cross him lest he used his considerable media clout to back an opposing party.

That is why Blair and now Cameron were in so much contact with this over powerful man.

No doubt other papers are guilty of the same misdemeanours but not on such a large or blatant scale.
The fact remains that the media barons are too powerful and should, all of them be cut down to size.

That is why we invariably get as a party a bad press as our policies are against the global capitalism which sustains these tycoons and makes them wealthy.


It is also why free thinking people must use such blogs as this to promote alternative views.

The media monopoly of news has its equivalent threat to democracy in our party with the present leadership bending the truth and on occasion spreading outright lies about their opponents within the party.

The rules of the current election have been deliberately constructed to give the present leader an advantage and then broken to consolidate that advantage. The hierarchy of the party depend on the present leader for their jobs and thus obey his every instruction, however misguided that is.

Insults and character assasinations have been their stock in trade while valid questions have received no answer.

I am not accusing any of the hierarchy of phone hacking, but some of their underhand methods are as shameful as those employed by News International.

I and others received a letter (possibly against the electoral rules made up by Nick)from the poodle Mike Whitby with a raft of allegations against the challenger which are patently untrue.

The allegations are not accompanied by answers to the many questions which have been put to head office and can easily be refuted.

The fact that there is something wrong with the present party is shown by those who support the challenger, Sharon Wilkinson, Dave Shapcott, Martin and Tina Wingfield, Arthur Kemp, Mike Howson, Richard Edmonds,John Walker, and John Bean former editor of "Identity" and even Briam Mahoney head of financial scrutiny.

These are long standing nationalists who have worked hard for our cause unlike many of the officials now in control, and if people of this quality believe that change is needed their views should be listened to.

They know what is going on or has gone on and they are obviously not satisfied.

As I am not an official I have a right and possibly a duty to the party to bring these matters into the open.

In the party at present we do not have a free press and are thus little better than Murdoch in the twisting and distortion of the truth.

We must combat the threat to national democracy in the national press, but we can only do that if we have democracy in the party.

We do not have that at present.

We must be squeaky clean, and set an example.



One man's interests must not take precedence over our cause.




the doctor said...

Sorry , LP but both the Mail Group and Trinity Mirror have far more misdemeanour's than have Newscorp .

bertie bert said...

By Arthur Kemp—Nick Griffin has behaved like a gangster, has committed fraud and attempted to incite a criminal conspiracy to bankrupt Greater London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook with forged documents blaming him for the party’s printing debts.

Dr Chris Hill said...

If what Kemp says is true (where criminal actions are alleged I think we should assume a person is innocence until he/she proven guilty), but if it is true Griffin is an even worse scum-bag than even I thought possible.

Even ignoring this latest allegation of criminal behaviour, Griffin has never had the best interests of the British people at heart. He has always only ever looked after number 1 ie. the Griffin family.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Andrew Brons is clearly a decent man who has the best interests of the British people at heart, and I exclude him from my comments below.

I have to ask how many of the party's ex bigwigs (such as Mark Collett) are now turning against Griffin not for any honest reasons, but because they are no longer on the gravy train with him. Griffin's deceitfulness was clear after the December 2007 rebellion, so why did so many continue to support him after that?

The progress the party made between 1999 and 2007 may well have happened on Griffin's watch, but looking back I think it was almost inevitable given the events of that time and the hard work of many of your local activists.

Looking now from the outside, what I think I can see is one one big Griffin con-trick, which some went along with willingly. The name of Mark Collett springs to my mind here. Now I'm not accusing either Griffin or Collett of actual illegality, simply of not caring a flying fig for anyone other than themselves. Only when Collett's nose was pushed away from the feeding trough did he turn on Griffin.

We all know that politics is a dirty business, but in the last 3 or 4 years a few people at the top of the BNP have dragged it down to a new low. Personally I think your party's grass-roots members deserve better.

Lanky Patriot said...

@ the doctor.

Yes all newspapers are crooked and have used underhand methods, but News Corp is bigger and has television and international interests as well.
Thus it has more influence and the bigger you get the harder you fall.

Lanky Patriot said...

Chris, I accept that we are guilty of turning a blind eye about things which smelt somewhat unsavoury but while we were progressing we put it to the back of our mind.

However that gave those less than honest the green light to perpetrate further dishonesty and eventually it became for many of us too much to stomach.

People such as Mark Collett have been accused by the party of various things and some may be true, I don't know.

BUT I do not believe he threatened the life of NG and although many do not like him he is not as bad as made out and not responsible for our decline.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Lanky Patriot said:

"........he is not as bad as made out and not responsible for our decline."

I say:
Collett helped Griffin fight off the December 2007 attempt to clean up and democratise the party. He consistently lied about other officials (remember the Dec 2007 "Griffin Road Show" meeting at your house).

Even before that, at the 2007 conference in Blackpool, Collett took part in a staged managed defeat of a motion (laughingly put forward by Griffin himself) to have the accounts scrutinised by an independent panel. I remember cringing at what was obviously a set-up, speaking last Collett made a rousing "Let's support our Chairman and trust him" speech. Straight after which a vote easily defeated the proposal.

Collett and some of the other officials who backed Griffin while they were picking up the crumbs he through them, are as much to blame in their way as Griffin is in his.

I've moved on now, but it still makes my blood boil when I think of the many decent members whom I knew and respected, that Griffin treated so disgracefully. My reason for following this latest attempt to oust Griffin is not entirely just to see a real opposition to UKIP develop (although that would of course be a healthy thing for UKIP as well), but to see justice prevail even at this late stage for many good members whom I still regard as friends.

Lanky Patriot said...

Chris. Let it drop.

All this is history and as you are no longer a member it does not concern you.

Collett has no influence either so your comments are irrelevent in the present situation.

What we want now is a new leader with a new democratic constitution, and that is what I am working for, not going over what happened in the past.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Those who forget the past are destined to repeat its mistakes.

Silly Kuffar said...

@Chris Hill -

If you mention Ukip whilst commentimg on non-ukip stories I don't mind banning you for that.

Your comments are off topic too.

And it seems you have a personl axe to grind.
Please don't refrain from grinding your own personal axes on Wigan Patriot.



Andyj said...

Chris you have backed that E Butler who has done more to harm BNP membership than most.

I'm glad you have moved to UKIP because dangerous idiots like that other fella you backed should never of received any attention. Especially as he spammed us and made so many supporters and members lose all faith for all time.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Andyj said:

"Chris you have backed that E Butler who has done more to harm BNP membership than most."

I say:
I don't particularly admire Eddy Butler as he could have done a lot more to save the party, in Dec 2007, than he did. He, like many other, ignored the wrongdoings and dreadful management of the party for what they thought was "the greater good of party unity" and in doing so allowed the corruption to become incurable. Now it's simply too late for the BNP to be saved.

Lanky Patriot said...

If the BNP is finished as you say, why do you keep bothering about it?

You should be forgetting us and promoting your new allegience with UKIP.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of people's actions in the past, that is where they are and we should go forward in our campaigns to ensure the future of our people.

If we are to save our country all patriots should pull together and forget past grievances.