Saturday, 11 June 2011


I do not read the Wigan Evening Post daily as there is not usually too much news in it.

No blame,I sympathise with the reporters thankless job of creating stories when there is little to report, in spite of that paper's attitude to our party which is basically down to the Common Purpose "elite" running it.

Wigan is generally a hard working law abiding community and as the saying goes "no news is good news".

I was however enraged to read an article that the police were not to supervise our local church walking days.

When I was a child these were the highlight of our summer and indeed holidays were booked in order not to miss with them.
I have many happy memories of these occasions with the little girls at the front in their new dresses and we older lads walking behind them, after having practiced beforehand what we should do.

After we had what was called in Billinge the "Scooster", the games or sports day when the children competed in the races.

Afterwards in our family there was always a party.
The day after was known in our village as "Sermon Sunday" when a farm trailer was parked at the crossroads (Church Brow) with the vicar addressing the throng from it.

Yes I know we had a somewhat divided village with the C of E where I was in a bit of competition with the Catholics of Birchley but in the end we were all Billingers and nominally Christian, and apart from a bit of banter we knew we were part of the same community and culture.


As a young man I took part in another local tradition on that day. All day drinking in the pubs. It was really a carnival atmosphere and the local police were warned that it was our tradition and not to intervene and they obeyed this local instruction.

One time I was working away with two muslims and invited them to see our traditional activities and they enjoyed sitting with us in the pub getting quietly sloshed, and enjoying OUR culture.

These were of course decent muslims, there are some but it is now difficult do tell the good from the bad. These muslims, one a Syrian and one from Pakistan accepted that they had come here to learn their trade and then return which they did.

Anyhow, back to the story.

These walks are a part of our inheritance and traditions. The churchgoers are taxpayers and are entitled to have their events policed and even more than alien residents in our country or people of other sexuality.

I am a lapsed churchgoer (an agnostic) but support the traditions in which I was brought up and which moulded my life.

We should not need police to be present, apart from putting temporary diversions, and I accept that some traffic disruption will occur as it does at "Gay Pride" celebrations.

We have to accept disruption when they "celebrate" what they do in bed (should I celebrate my bedroom antics? I don't think anybody would be interested in them at my age. Not much to see, just noises out of various orifices, that's just me and not the wife she says).

BUT the sinister part of this is that last year kids in a walking day procession were SPAT on by alien kids who OUR PEOPLE had never invited here.






Anonymous said...

A excellent article.

The " Egg Incident "...
Published on Thursday 17 June 2010 09:58 --- Wigan Online......

AN ANNUAL church walking day event was marred after mindless thugs pelted the marchers with eggs.

The yobs threw the eggs at the young walkers on the route of the procession from St Mark’s Church, Newtown, as the parade arrived along Ridyard Street in Worsley Hall on Sunday.

Eggs were thrown from one of the houses on the street just 45 minutes into the parade - narrowly missing a small child who was taking part.

One witness said: “As far as I know there were eggs thrown by someone in one of the houses on Ridyard Street and it nearly hit one of the children involved in the procession.

“Luckily it missed the child by a small amount and nobody was caught by it. I have no idea what the motivations behind this person’s actions might have been.”

The event attracted scores of people from the church community who braved the rain showers to proudly walk for the Newtown church in the procession.

It was one of many traditional walking day events which took place over the weekend.

The above is why a Police presence is needed, however, in this case, I believe no action was taken by the Police.

Andyj said...

Near to where I live... Just a week after the police refused to do their job on the local walking day a car was broken into. A police car was sat in their driveway for over three hours. A police person knocked on every door in the area to ask if anything was heard. After that car cleared off, a police van turned up and parked on the pavement for an hour, possibly for further dealings.

I've no idea if anyone will call me wrong but last time I heard of vehicles going missing or broken into, they showed very little interest and it was a real effort to gain a crime number simply for the insurance claim.

Just shows the juxtaposition of status when Gov't want cuts in the GMP but cops also have to prove their existence.

Anonymous said...

I well remember the Billinge walking days.
A tradition steeped in cultural history which we as kids looked forward to,and not may I say from the position of actually having to walk.
Our position as kids was more focused on the tea and butties and the sports events afterwards on the cricket field behind Billinge bug.
Brass bands were there and the local people danced on the field.
All of this had gone on for years as local tradition that had been handed down from our forebears.
We have seen for some time now English cultural traditions which have been the cement which binds us English together,being steadily eroded by forces who are frankly anti English in the extreme.
Liebour as an example pursued a policy of social engineering to flood this proud land with immigrants who as it has turned out have no allegiance to this country whatsoever,other than to feast on our wanton distribution of cash to them.
Of course Liebour see them as voters who will want to see the gravy train roll on.
Of course I do realise that I have strayed from my original comment,but think on this folks,what track are we now on.
Well my opinion for what it is worth is this:-
Liebour,currently a bunch of back biting self serving tossers who are only intent on their own self serving interests and have little regard as to the real interests of this country.
Don't forget people this crowd of marxist arseholes sold us down the river to the EUSSR and MR Gordon Mc Clown did'nt have the backbone to appear on the initial signing,instead it was Millibannana who did the dastardly deed.
Next,the Condumbs,Camoron is a product of a different society in which most of us live,just what in common has this guy and his mate Osbourne have with us,answer nil.
Him and his grandiose idea's of this big society are frankly pigshit,spread it on the fields and thats were it ends.
The man and his cohorts are snakeoil salesmen and nothing more.
Now to the other parteners in crime yes I mean the power mad green tossers who are blinded by the trappings of power after all these years as also rans.
These sandal wearing tree hugging green tossers really need to wake up as to how a country will survive if it takes onboard their policies.
Latest figures as regards windmills
show that in a period were we really needed these to produce,we actually managed to produce 0.5% of what they were capable of.
The LibDumbs in my opinion are a bunch of misfits who recently saw the opportunity of jumping on the power bandwaggon and enjoying the attention.
Finally, will we survive as a cultural entity,given the forces against us,well yes we could but only if we the people tell these arseholes who think they can ride roughshot over us to think again.

Lanky Patriot said...

To "Anonymous" I know who you are and you know I do. I'll call you "R".
We went to the same school together, and I agree with your comments 100%.

They were happy times to which I look back wistfully.
I agree the "powers that be" intend to destroy our society for their own selfish gains, but then they do not care.

They have no contact with the average British person and continue to live in their privelidged bubble getting rich at our expense.

I hope for all our sakes it does not come to this but eventually if we are pushed to far we will revolt and a civil war will occur.

It's a pity but I fear it will happen if people do not wake up.