Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Britain can do 'nothing' to prevent Argentina retaking Falkland Islands

If as is likely significant oil reserves are found around the islands then pressure from Argentina will be immense to share in the riches.

The US would support an Argentine "accommodation" as its national interest supports stability in the area. "This tells us all too clearly which way the wind is blowing." The Organization of American States, a talking shop for north and south American countries, last week adopted a declaration calling for negotiations between Britain and Argentina over the "sovereignty" of the Falkland Islands.

President Barack Obama's administration also made clear in early 2010 that it would endorse calls for talks over the islands when it adopted the Organisation of American States useage of Malvinas instead of Falklands.

Adml Woodward said with the Armed Forces already "over-committed" in Afghanistan and Libya and the Navy drastically weakened following last year's defence review "the answer appears to be that we can do precisely nothing other than accede to US pressure".

The 79-year-old admiral led a substantial task force of two aircraft carriers, a dozen frigates and destroyers, four submarines and a total of 100 surface ships along with 25,000 servicemen were to retake the Falklands in 1982.

But the Royal Navy no longer has aircraft carriers, has lost its force of Harrier jump jets and seen its warship fleet cut in half over the last decade.

The islands are currently protected by a force of more than 1,000 troops with a reinforced company of infantry and four Typhoon fighters and a single frigate. However the Typhoons have no anti-ship or anti-submarine capability.

In a letter obtained by The Daily Telegraph last year Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, warned the Prime Minister that the island's defences would become fragile in light of the looming cuts in the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR).

He said axing the Nimrod MRA4 maritime reconnaissance aircraft would "limit our ability to deploy maritime forces rapidly into high-threat areas, and delete one element of our Falklands reinforcement plan".

The last of the £3.6 billion Nimrods was destroyed in March following the defence review.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "Claims that the Falkland Islands could be taken without a fight are completely without substance. The current garrison in the Falkland Islands is much larger in scale and has a greater capability than in 1982 and this together with our ability to reinforce rapidly by air has been maintained. "


Shaunantijihad said...

The British are indigenous to the Falklands. We were the first humans to settle there, at a time when the Spanish had not colonised that part of South America later called Argentina. In other words, the Falklands were a part of Britain before ARGENTINA EXISTED.

If Jews have the right to an Israeli State, and "Palestinians" (i.e. yet more Arabs) have a right to a Palestinian State, then will Britain have the right to retake the Falklands if Argentina attacks? Do the Mayans have the right to retake Argentina and throw the Spanish out? But then, Obama wants to give the USA to Mexico...

Personally, if a second attack happens, I think we should wage total war against Argentina, and send all our Muslims and Blacks there for them to sort out, just to say thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show how expedient and one sided the 'special relationship' is when push comes to shove. We should expect Dave "piece of filth" Cameron to wriggle and spin this inevitable betrayal of Britain and her people as he bends to his trans-atlantic 'bro'. It will make for one hell of a gut wrenching, vomit inducing spectacle.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

We're not helpless ...

we can use our security services to stir up the Welsh people of Patagonia. I,m sure we all know they want to secede from Argentina and become a remote part of the British people.

Don't we? I'm Welsh and I'm confident that is correct

I think our security services should only stop stirring when Kuchner stops whingeing.