Friday, 10 June 2011


Last night we had a meeting which will go down in the annals of nationalist history locally and even possibly nationally.

Our bulletin, put out by our new organiser had in it the information that there would possibly be a leadership challenge this summer. The bulletin was written ten days ago and we had no idea of the events it would provoke.
In it our organiser stated that Richard Edmonds, a long standing patriot would stand for leadership for a year in order to institute a constitution more acceptable to members and an organisation which had more prospects of success than the one we now have.

I and my fellow members did not realise the consternation our little bulletin would have given the Party hierarchy.

Possibly when the North West organiser invited himself to speak at our meeting we should have been forewarned.

On arrival we were rather taken aback by the presence of the National Treasurer and Nominating officer together with two other "high ups" in the party.

The subject for discussion was what we could do to progress the Party and how to build on past successes and that some of us thought a new leader would improve our chances.

This idea/ concept it seems was a red rag to a bull and we were unprepared for the passion at the meeting.

Some of the senior officials were annoyed that ex senior activists and party workers who had been expelled for voicing opinions which differed from the official view were present.
These people had for years been on our "invites list" and remained there in spite of their expulsion. We have had a long history working along side them and saw no reason not to invite them because of their differences with the Party bosses.

We invite many people who are not members and ask them to bring friends (it's no use to always preach to the converted) and we need new and old blood together if we are to progress.

Our organiser gave a short speech after which I had my little input.
I was concerned to highlight where I thought we were going wrong and to seek a way to progress.

Everybody there was a true nationalist but factionalism over the past year has caused a split in nationalism and my aim was to bring these strands together, heal the wounds and form a united front against the dangers facing our country.
If we could achieve this we would be a really strong force in the salvation of our country.

Unfortunately, as I suspected when I saw the presence of senior officials I realised the meeting could become somewhat volatile. The senior party members seem to think they have the monopoly on the truth and although decent people, appear to want to run the Party in a dictatorial manner.

WE IN WIGAN & LEIGH HAVE A HISTORY OF STANDING UP FOR OUR RIGHTS, and we see no reason to change now.

We will not be dictated to and vague threats make us all the more determined.

After all we are in the BNP because we are free thinking people and nobody tells us what to do.

Our crime was, I think the suggestion that we need a new leader and it seems this is frowned upon and can even result in suspension or expulsion.

I can assure those who dislike us that nationalism is alive, well and thriving in our area but I have to admit we have our differences (like family members or those on football teams).
These are only temporary and we will get over them and my job as I see it is to try to unite the various strands of patriotic opinion into a formidable fighting force.

We all believe in the same basic principles and can and must stick together against those who seek to destroy our country (the major parties, media, bankers etc) and we will.

I was proud to be the first in the country(I think ) to announce our new preferred candidate for leader, Andrew Brons.

Andrew is a gentleman, cultured, polite, well read but perhaps not so good an orator as our present leader.
He will I think connect with the voting public better and will institute a more open and democratic party structure.

My announcement was not expected from the senior party members and of course they will oppose Andrew, as is to be expected from those who have hitched their waggon to Nick Griffin and will possibly lose their position if he is replaced.
I don't think they were exactly overjoyed by my revelation, but then that's democracy.

Whether Andrew can get in is another matter in view of the biased party structure which favours the leader and the vested interests that depend on his remaining leader.

This is not to decry Nick Griffin, just that I/we think Andrew Brons will make us more electable and a stronger force in British politics.

Personalities are unimportant, it is influence and ultimately power that counts and to that end we shall continually strive as we must if we are to rescue our country from the thieves and incompetents which now run it.



Anonymous said...

If you think Griffin will allow an open and free election, then you are truly deluded. He has the muscle (or more correctly Henchmen) to stop any challenge before it starts.

If you want Griffin gone, the only way is through the courts.

GOODLUCK. You will sure need it!

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Although the nights events may go down in nationalist history for all the right reasons - it may also go down in history as a very sad night for all the wrong reasons additionally.

I had envisaged that some of the audience would be staunch Chairman supporters and be vocal, yet, I certainly wasn't prepared for the amount of hierarchy 'muscle' that would also show up for our evenings meeting.

It was quite obvious from the outset that disruption was the key tactic from the away end led by the antagonistic and autocratic NW Organiser whilst Tony quite resolutely opened proceedings on why a change in party leadership is paramount if we are to continue as a united party under the British National Party banner. The analogy by the Wigan organiser that we faced relegation from our current political tier was a true reflection of our progress of late, hence time to change the manager before all is lost and the best players sold.

The response from the North West organiser on how to further alienate disgruntled and peeved members in Wigan and Leigh and the potential 10,000 + borough wide British National Party supporters and voters that goes with it was done with excellent precision and must be applauded.

Wigan and Leigh incidentally returned the highest number of votes than anywhere else in the North West for Nick Griffins MEP success.

Never before have I felt so belittled and humiliated by the words used that night against those of us who have had the courage to pound the streets of Wigan and Leigh, often alone and who are asking for change in the name of this party. It's little wonder that heated verbal exchanges where inevitable and unavoidable. I make no apology for my own outburst as the frustration and lies was just too much to bare. I feel more annoyed that good honest men and women in our local group who have worked much, much harder than me to take us from the humble beginnings all those years ago of the smoky back room town centre pub with maybe (if we were lucky) 15 or 20 in attendance to the venues where we saw hundreds come together only a couple of years back.

I know personally many, many locals who will not become attached at this present time to the British National Party and they have told me on numerous occasions basically on the principle that they do not like the Chairman. I have defended Nick Griffin through thick and thin over these years and the main inspiration of why I joined the party some 8+ years ago. Sadly, I cannot do it any longer and believe he has got it very, very wrong indeed.

Yes, nationalism within the borough is greater than ever and we will bring them together.

The time is right for change.

Anonymous said...

This is not just a recent phenomenon, Griffin has been stifling groups that become to successful for years.

Over and over again it has happened, Griffin needs a party he can control in order to syphon off cash for himself. If he allows the party to grow too large, and become too successful, he will lose control of his personnel piggy bank. Griffin is not a nationalist and, quite probably, never has been. He has used his power, to appoint officers, to build an army of henchmen that he can rely on to suppress challenges to his dictatorship. Wigan is just the most recent example of this, but it's been going on for years.

Is the BNP a political party? Not any more it's a fan-club: "The Nick Griffin fan club".

Ask yourselves: Does anyone know where the money raised by the Trafalgar Club goes?

Yorkshire Lad said...

In early 2008 Griffin told a meeting in Leeds that he would ring-fence Yorkshire. By implication that means forcing the region into submission. Good honest hard-working members, who's annual subscriptions paid his wages, told to bow down and do as Griffin says or be crushed.

Face facts Nick Griffin is a power mad dictator who will never allow the BNP out of his grasping hands.

Anonymous said...

i thought it disgusting and sad that men who should use every opportunity to unite every one in the country behind the bnp . to do the opposite . the lies perpetuated by the N/w organizer was disgraceful do these people think every one else is stupid. He stated that wigan was lazy and that every were else was o/k when we all no . liverpool does nothing but follow nick griffin aroundby the way they are doing everything . yet the real work is done by us who turn up all the time to help out.Wirral is gone so is warrington soon St Helens . mainly through nasty personal attacks from liverpool.Liverpool under ste greenhaulgh (seargent in the Paras) fielded a full slate of candidates after is and peter squires character assassination and the destruction of the bnp .by the new people . they stood 2 or 3 and no one attended the count how bad is that..!!these people have not got a clue on unity and i believe in liverpool there is now a gov work.. terence

Anonymous said...

Wheres the video Charles we would all love to see it.

Lanky Patriot said...

Ring 07522225294 and Silly Kuffir will send you one.
He might be able to put a bit on the blog.I don't know how to, but it is worth seeing.